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June 21, 2024
Santa's Coming for Us

Old St. Nick

  • December 22, 2023
  • 16 min read
Old St. Nick

     You know how on Boxing Day morning, everyone wakes up excited to open their presents? Well, that wasn’t my case last year and it is the motive for this message which I write to you. I’ll tell you all what happened last year and why you should be weary of the jolly old man called St. Nick.


       I sat in my bed reading my Christmas request for the umpteenth time. I should have sent this letter days ago, how was I sure Santa would receive it and deliver my gifts in time? I blew out a sigh and folded it into the envelope and went out to drop it at the post office. The people at the post office already tagged me ‘the teen who didn’t grow’ just because I’m sixteen and still write letters to Santa. But in my defence, he still answers so why waste the opportunity to get gifts on Christmas. Apart from the gifts, I felt like Santa kind of knew me a little too well and that creeped me out sometimes.

    I’m not going to bore you with the teasing remarks that I received from the people at the post office. I had just stepped out into the frosty winter cold when I noticed a very old man watching me. The whole thing was unnerving so I tried to get away from his sight as fast as possible but even when I was out of his sight, I still felt like he was watching me until I locked myself in the confines of my room. It was then that I noticed that my heart was beating rapidly.

      “What in the world is going on?” I cried trying to get rid of the ill sensation but the ill sensation didn’t go away. I had a full on panic attack before blacking out.

     Groggily, I woke up and came face to face with Elio. Like her face was directly in front of my face and she had this weird smile on her face. I scrambled to my feet and got away from her.

     “What are you doing here and how did you get in?” I asked with a glare. She rolled her eyes at me.

     “Way to greet your best friend.”

      “Former.” I spat. She huffed.

     “I’m sorry okay. It was just a jealous mistake.” She said softly. I narrowed my eyes at her but huffed. She wasn’t going to leave me so easily. I might as well see what she wants.

     “What do you want?” I asked.

     “I want to go to the North Pole and I wanted to know if you would come with me?” she asked. At that, my ears burned with excitement and I was foolish enough not to see how risky this was but this journey was much more than risk…

     That night, I snuck out of my room via window because I knew my mom would say no to this adventure and tell me that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and the beginning of our salvation story and I didn’t need that right now. I knew that Elio’s family was stinking rich so my thought was that we were going to take a private jet to the North Pole and hike our way to wherever it is she was going and afterwards, I would force her to find Santa’s workshop with me.


     Apparently, Elio wasn’t going to the North Pole via plane but via portal. Yes, you read that sentence right.

    “What do you mean portal? Are you witch or something?” I asked and almost jumped off the bed I sat on.

    “Chill, it’s one of daddy’s science projects. It’s less conspicuous than a jet.” She said like it was an obvious answer. I sighed. I wanted to get this over with and get back home before mom get more than worried.

     Surprisingly, the portal worked and we ended up in a huge mass of snow. My excitement was building until I looked around and saw that same old man from outside the post office. This time he had a wicked grin on his face and it made me take two steps backward. What was he doing here and how did he get here? Elio was completely oblivious to all this as she pulled out a map.

    “Where are we going?” I asked staying close to her as possible.

    “That’s a surprise.” She said with a smirk and instead of getting angry, I got scared. Everything seemed to be scaring me and it was all because of the man. Who was he?

    Elio wouldn’t tell me where we were going but I followed her nonetheless especially since I had no other choice. We had walked for about two hours when we came upon this hill that had some light reflecting on it.

    We managed to climb the hill and what I saw left me speechless. It was Santa’s Workshop! I could barely believe it as I raced to the huge building that seemed to be glowing in a golden light. I didn’t care about anything anymore; I didn’t care whether Elio was right behind me and I didn’t care about the old man anymore.

     As soon as I got to the doors, they opened like they had been waiting for me. I was nearing tears at this point. This was my biggest dream.

      “Dang! You run fast.” Elio said and I squished her in a hug before walking through the double doors parted for me.

      I walked in with expectations. I was expecting to see elves all decked in their little green outfits operating some cool machines that produce toys. I was expecting a place full of Christmas cheer and smelling like all the Christmas treats possible but nothing prepared me for what I saw. My smile fell and the tears fell but not for the same reasons as why they filled my eyes in the first place. What I saw broke my heart. Before my eyes weren’t tiny little elves like what we see in movies, before my eyes were teenagers like me chained like inmates working hard machinery that  popped out toys. Some were packing the toys. They looked dishevelled and malnourished.

     This couldn’t be Santa’s workshop! Santa was a good guy, not a human trafficker. I was crying and I had drawn the attention of the workers. They looked at me with fear and pity. I picked myself up and my instincts told me to run which I did but I was stopped by Santa and Elio. Looking at the man I had envisioned as jolly, round and kind, I felt disgusted when faced with reality; he wasn’t potbellied, he was skinny and scrawny. His whited beard looked unkempt and so dirty is was changing to a yellow colour. All this was mild compared to the deep reality; he was the old man that had been watching me since I dropped my letter at the post office and something tells me he had been watching me for much longer.   

    Elio just stood like a kid caught red handed. I was hurt, betrayed and enraged. She knew this was what I was going to face and she brought me here as a trade. A trade for what?

      “You did well, you get this Christmas off.” Santa said while Elio released a breath and walked away.

       “Oh, c’mon, you’ve always been crazy about Santa and his workshop, what happened now?” he asked with a mocking laugh. I cowered back both in fear and because of saliva that left his mouth. His red outfit made him look like the devil making this whole confrontation a lot scarier than you can imagine.

      “Come with me.” he said and begn walking somewhere.

       “I am not going anywhwere with you! I’m ging home!” I stated and he stopped along with all the other children. I even saw one wince. I was so focused on that that I had no time to defend myself from the tool that came flying in my face. I think it was a hammer, but whatever it was broke my nose. 

    With the blood dripping, I stared in horror at Father Christmas who looked ready to eat me alive and let his stomach acids burn me. He said nothing as he dragged me away to a small room. He threw me in before chaning me up and leaving me there. It was all okay until it started freezing. He wanted to freeze me to death or maybe into submission, either way I was getting frozen.

       Tears filled my eyes at what I had just endured and discovered. Santa Claus wasn’t a jolly old man that could somehow live forever, he was a twisted old immortal creature that used children as slaves.  I cried at the fact that my mother must probably be worried about me and I left her without a goodbye and I may never see her again. From tears of pain, my tears became tears of rage. Elio caused this. Why did I follow her in the first place after what she did to me the first time; after she got me involved in an accident and left me there?

       “Hey!” I heard someone say from outside. It was so cold I had become stiff and I couldn’t turn to look at the face of the person.

      “I know you hate me but you need to understand that I was just like you. I was obsessed with finding Santa that I made dad drop me off at the North pole. I managed to find this place but I was tricked by the disguse and Master tricked me into becoming a worker here. When I saw the truth, I tried to escape but I ended up beaten and in this room. The Christmas I was trapped here, he spelled my family and all those I new to forget my existence. He made me bring you here. He needed new hands and you were obsessed with like the rest of us were, you were who he needed.” Elio said from the door.

       “But I still remember you.” I said confused and she gave a dry chuckle.

       “He needed you to remember me so I could bring you in.” she said and I heard something metal drop and the door opened. I was shocked as she began to release me.

      “What are you doing? We can’t escape and if we are found, he’s going to hurt us both. You’ll be beaten worse.” I cried.

     Yes, I am worried about the person who got me here but it wasn’t her fault. The fact that she called that vile man ‘Master’ is enough proof that he is capable of all he said.

    “Even if we get caught, I’d rather have tried to save you than leave you here.” She said as she led me out and through some dark corridors.

      “Is it only us, no one else wants to escape?” I asked as we were crouching through a vent duct. She had guided me through some weird places pausing every now and then to make sure the coast was clear.

      “No. every other person is either too scared or has resigned to this way of living.” She said sadly. We finally reached the end of the duct and got out.

     “Just a little more and we will be out of here. I ha…” the words died in her mouth as we came face to face with Santa and some goons. He said nothing but his face said it all. He wanted us dead. The goons came towards us and I sarted to sweat as I saw my end of my life

  Out of nowhere, a bright like distracted the goons and Santa but I could here them groan and hiss. We immideately started to run and the light led us giving us a path to follow. We had only gone half way when we heard them behind us. In that moment of running for our lives, I remembered one thing my mother told me. She told me that if I ever was in danger to say, ‘Jesus, help me!’ and at this moment, we had no options so I did as I was told. Nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds that resembled an eternity until suddenly, an earthquake happened separating Santa from us.

     As we were falling, Elio threw something on the ground. It  was small but when it hit the floor it seemed like the portal we used to get here. As we fell, we fell into the open portal and ended up in a body of water. Just as we thought we were safely going to die in the body of water, we saw a hand, Santa’s hand. We couldn’t scream but we watched as the portal closed and seared of Santa’s hand.

     When we recovered from the schock, oxygen was running low and we were close to passing out but we shared a look of victory that at least, we got free and didn’t die of forced labour. I looked upward and spoke to Jesus in my heart like I did at the time of the earthquake. Then the world went dark.

     “They need CPR…”

     “This one’s stabilized…”

     “She’s alive ma’am…”

      “You’ll be fine…”

   These were the few things I heard from my floating in between consciousness. We were alive. That’s good.

   “Thank you Jesus for saving us.” I said. I didn’t believe in him before but after he saved me and Elio, I had no reason not to believe in him.


    I woke up to bright lights and a sleeping Elio beside me. I tried to wake her and succeed.

     “Where are we?” she asked disoriented. I was about to answer when the door opened and my mom was standing there. My heart broke thinking Santa must have spelled but if he did, she wouldn’t be here crying as she came to hug me.

     “I’m sorry mom.” I cried. She shushed me and forgave me after explaining to us that we were pulled out of River Fuge when an old woman reported that she saw floating bodies.

      “Where were you two?” she asked. I was surprised. She remembered Elio.

     “You remember me?” Elio asked teary eyes.

     “Of course I do, you’re my daughter’s best friend although you disappeared a year ago. I thought you were put in boarding school. I called your parents, they should be here soon. They claimed they had no daughter which was odd. Also, this was in your pocket when they found you.” Mom said and gave Elio a little bottle.

   Elio quickly collected it just as her upset parents walked in. They looked annoyed as though they had been tricked but Elio immediately threw the bottle above their heads and a liquid mist fell on them. My mom looked scared while Elio was hopeful.

     “Elio!” her parents cried after the mist vanished. Elio cried as they hugged.

     “Can someone explain what’s going on? How did you kids end up in River Fuge?” Elio’s mom cried. Elio took a deep breath and told them everything that happened with Santa. Elio’s parents looked at us and laughed while my mom looked horrified.

     “Mom?” I called unsure of her response.

      “It explains your broken nose and the hand found with you guys in the lake.” She said softly.

      “But we’re safe now, God saved us.” I said softly to mom who looked surprised and happy at my statement. Elio was quick to agree and started believing in God too but her parents were sceptical.

       We were all trying to wrap our head around all this, when I spotted him. He stared back at me with dead eyes and waved at me with his severed hand sporting a crooked evil grin.

      “Mom! Mom!” I screamed and kept holding tightly to her. She turned to look in the direction I was looking like the others and Elio froze while our parents looked at us like we were having PTSD lapses.

      Elio and I shared a look as one thing was definitely clear; Santa was coming for us!



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I'm currently a student of Performing Arts at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. A Christian author with the aim of spreading the gospel in a way that my readers can relate with.

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