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April 19, 2024
Santa's Coming for Us

A Fairy Season

  • December 22, 2023
  • 6 min read
A Fairy Season

Ally had just woken up with a huge smile broadened all over her beautiful face . she rolled herself around the squares of the bed with the sheets wrapping her to a bundle.

” What a wonderful day to start with.” She said and in rickety split, she raised with a twirl over to the window. Her parents were decorating three big Christmas trees that would stand out amongst the one’s in the neighborhood with a writeup in all the gift boxes that says. SANTA’S COMING For us!.

 Ally couldn’t be much happier. she knocked on the window glass, denoting to her parents she’s woken up. Her mom christen wavered with a smile and rang a tiny bell besides her. Ally suddenly sat back to the bed with her eyes closed and smiling  .a gentle knock came at her door was MD the house girl with a small hand towel and a little bowl with water. She stood only for a second with a quick stare at ally who’s eyes were still closed and smiling without a word. Quickly she crouches to ally’s feet and washed them, brushed and painted her nails red with white dots on them. It’s Christmas after all…

While her teeth were shining out her feelings to how great her day would be on this Christmas Eve. She imagined herself already on the stage with the audience cheering and throwing Roses at her fit as she’s been crowned with a silver gold tiara as miss Christmas to the little Town in Bricklay island.

” Eve dear …” She said. ” I’d really want you in the front seat, watching me as the best dressed with the tiara being placed on my head. The perfect position… How does that sound.”

Her eyes eventually opened and met MD standing with a weird laugh and her hands placed to the chest.

” Oh!… You’re the new servant. Aren’t you. I’d have to let you in on a little secret. So you don’t ever cross me,” she said glaringly with her eyes fixedly to her polished finger nails . ” there was Selene the first servant. Whom I pushed into the river cause I caught her talking to the boy I liked. And there was Mira who got lucky to have survived a food poisoning cause I caught her fitting in to one of my dresses. So there’s Sally, Nora well…they do not exist anymore cause my parents made them poof! Like that.. they disappeared . My parents of course, well.. they’re very selfish psychopaths who kills for fun and doesn’t want there eighteen year old little ally.. bothered not even for a second so you stay careful. Eve the poor thing. My dad chopped her off and sold her to the grill’s restaurant over to the mainland cause she was going to drag miss Christmas with me. Gosh! She obviously thought we’re were friends. Her parents must be looking for her but you know what?… She’s never going to be found.”

She ended with a knavish smile at MD who has kept on a strange laugh at her without response to those confessions. Ally, she suddenly felt her threats were in vain and quickly moved towards MD with the intention of giving her a quick slap on the wired smiling face and ended up holding a dust remains of the girl. She screamed out of the room afraid and confused shouting for her parents. And immediately she stormed out towards her parents who were still on the Christmas tree decorations Infront of the house. Ally saw they weren’t moved at all by the sound of her shrill and without turning for questions. She quickly grabbed on to their shoulders towards a facing position and then she met there faces blank with just Their mouth stretched backwards with sharp pointy teethes. This time her hands were shaking from so much fear. She looked back from their house and to the neighborhoods, there was no one was just empty houses with little shinny Christmas decorations and a gentle Christmas music playing from she couldn’t phantom the world around her anymore. She screamed.

 When she finds herself in a train station, her heartbeat was as loud as a giant stamps. Her eyes were tearing from a deep sleep she had woken up from. Ally had turn thirty on the present Christmas Eve. She’d be going back to the island to revisit her parents house that was burnt down by the people of Bricklay thirteen years ago and ally escaped far away and never came back till this day. She’d be going back as Emily, the new person she made out to be in the city she escaped to but has lived single and lonely owing to her daily self reproaches over the years. Her nerves were very unsteady that she would have to see again the house that brought her up to a villain. Her deceased parents who practiced evil and cultism that centered on slaughtering young people for the yuletide demons they had worshipped.

Shortly, a loading train stops. Ally grabbed her small luggage moving in when a male fan stops her for a quick selfie. She ran a quick smile with acceptance and took the snap, slightly vaunted that her Christmas Holiday commercial was really paying she tried weaving her good byes to the young man while already in the train. she met him with the strange smile as the MD in her dream. she quickly peered closely through the glass to have a clear view of him. The train moved but on a bizarre speed which had led her wondering and looking around at the people sitting in the moving train. They all seem to have an unusual light skin colors and black wounded fingernails. She gently turned to an old woman sitting next to her and asked,

    ” Pls ma’am. Why is the train moving so fast and it’s not stopping. the mainland I think is just thirty minutes ride from the train station.”

“This train goes a long way my dear. Every souls on this train are all vengeful. They were all brutally murdered on a Christmas Eve, you should have taken the other train that had stopped before this ghost train. But the humans who had mistook this train to a real one never made it out alive.”

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  • The Fairy Season is an interesting story

  • Niceeee

    • Thanks Louise

    • Nice one

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  • Nice explorations and a piece based on adventures is so heartwarming,but then there is a little issue that is clarity with few touches of grammatical errors…but all the best ,it’s been a travel in the wonders of adventures

    • I really enjoyed reading this story.very dark , mysterious and unsettling. it leaves you yearning for more . kudos to the writer

      • Thank you

        • Thank you

    • Are you really sure you are talking about fairy season.i think u should read carefully.

  • Such a fascinating story,i recommend.

  • Thanks ebube Mario for taking your time to read, I appreciate it and for the criticism too.

  • Very interesting and intriguing…I love it

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