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April 19, 2024
Fantasy Fiction

The Tale of The Snow Mother

  • December 19, 2023
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The Tale of The Snow Mother

The kids deserve to know…
The story of the Woman of the Snow…
Who made every wish come true…
And a bargain, she brings back to you…

Chapter One – The Wish

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away lived a great king and queen.

King Egeus and Queen Margaret were one of the richest and mightiest couple ever known in history. They conquered other kingdoms, they owned the strongest chariots, the best weapons and their land was very fertile…

…but they had no child.

King Egeus was very sad about his condition. He had no child to give his wealth and power to and this troubled him. He summoned all his magicians and fortune tellers but no one of them could give him a solution.

He then summoned all his fairies called Dahlia, Puck, Sarina and Belch.

“As you all know, I have a very big problem at hand and I need a solution to the problem.” The king began.

“Speak, we are all ears,” said Sarina the spirit of the sun.

The king cleared his throat. “I have been searching for a child for years. My magician and fortune tellers could not help me with my problem therefore I summoned all of you.”

“Well, your majesty I’m afraid that I know not how to help you.” said Blech, the blue air.

“I, as well, can’t help you.” said Sarina.

“I’m sorry your majesty that is not part of my job.” said the flower fairy, Dahlia.

“True, it won’t be easy but I know someone else that can help you.” said Puck alas. Everyone turned to face Puck, the prankster and the king listened with interest.

“Tell me what you know.” said the king and Puck told him about the mysterious woman called the Snow Mother.

The Snow Mother was a woman that lived among the fairies but her power surpassed them all that the fairies decided that her kind should no longer live among them. She was over one-hundred and fifty years old and she was as white as snow. She was a woman that lived nowhere and lived everywhere still. She was a woman that is never seen but is always seen and she appeared only when she was needed the most.

“But the only problem is that you can’t find her easily, your majesty.” concluded Puck.

“Hmm.” said the king. “Why wasn’t I told of this earlier?”

“That was a long time ago. My grandmother told me that she was gone and would never be coming back.” said Dahlia.

“True your majesty. We can’t be sure if she still exists.” added Sarina.

“And what if she won’t come to you?” asked Blech.

“But you would never know until you search for the Snow Mother,” countered Puck who loved adventures.

At last, the king decided to search for the Snow Mother. He sent out his chariots to search his whole kingdom and beyond and ordered them to bring to him whoever claims to know of the Snow Mother. The king ordered the fairies to join the search with their powers. This, they did unwillingly except Puck who enjoyed it. They searched for days but could find no trace to weeks and weeks into months but nothing was found. The queen urged the king to stop the search and that he should not believe an old story. The king was tired of searching too but did not want to give up. However, the search was becoming tiring that the king was forced to stop searching.

Then, one winter evening, the king and queen were attending to the fairies thanking them for their help in the search after they decided that the Snow Mother was nothing but a myth, when the door badged wide open letting in cold air. Everyone turned and there, they saw a light that almost blinded them. The light moved inside and they could see clearly that it was a woman. A white woman.

She was wearing a white hood and a long white gown that was worn with age and scraped the floor. She carried a white long stick. Her face, though it was not clear, was wrinkled and her eyes were white because of the light.

She drew closer and closer to the throne and everyone gasped. No one could believe what they were seeing.

“The Snow Mother!” Puck gasped.

“Well, Hello Puck. How are you Dahlia, Blech and Sarina?” Her voice was pleasant and melodious.

“She knows us.” said Dahlia. The Snow Mother turned her smiling face to the king and the queen.

“Your majesty.” She said and threw her hood backwards. Her hair was white and she was pretty even though she was old. “I know quite well how long you’ve searched for me and I know what you want.”

“If you knew how long we searched, why didn’t you show up?” asked the king.

The Snow Mother smiled and said. “Because I am not real but I am real. I am nowhere but I am everywhere.” No one understood the meaning of what she said but she continued. “If you want a child, I will give you but on one condition.”

“Speak.” said the king.

“That when the girl grows to be sixteen, she shall take my place that I may return back.”

“What.” the queen shouted. “Is that the only way?”

“Yes. And are you ready to fulfill my wish? Will you promise your daughter to me? If not farewell,” The Snow Mother said and put on her hood to leave but the king stopped her and said. “Is that the only condition!”

“Yes. Your majesty?”

“Then I’ll do it.” said the king. The Snow Mother looked kindly at the queen.

“And you Queen Margaret?”

“If that’s what it takes.” said the queen.

“Well then you shall have your wish but remember you made a promise.” The Snow Mother said and hit her stick lightly on the ground.

A very bright light shone and then disappeared immediately. The light was gone and so was the Snow Mother.

Chapter Two – Princess Miranda

Nine months later, the king threw a very big banquet for his new born baby girl who was named Miranda. The banquet was a very splendid one; kings and queens from other kingdoms were invited, the highest officials, all the fairies, magicians and fortune tellers were there. Even commoners were present. There was feasting for a whole week all over the kingdom. Nobody was allowed to trade, everyone was meant to be celebrating.

In the midst of all these, was a scheming woman. Her name was Olivia. Olivia was a great magician and worked for the king and queen but she was a very greedy and wicked woman and was unhappy that the royalty got a child because of the Snow Mother and not her. This wicked woman prayed for no good to befall anyone but herself and she decided to make everyone unhappy.

Everyone knew nothing of the child being from the Snow Mother except the fairies, magicians and fortune tellers and Olivia was among them.

One evening while the king was at his study Olivia came and requested to see the king. She was allowed in immediately and welcomed by the king. “Welcome Olivia.”

“Good day, your majesty.”

“How may I help you?”

“Your majesty, I have come to give you a very good advice that will be beneficial not only to you but to the whole kingdom.”

“Hmm.” said the king.

“What good advice do you talk about?” Olivia hesitated and then continued.

“Your majesty, I am well informed and I know the ins and outs of everything when something happens. I always gave you the advice you needed. I know what is good for the kingdom and what is bad. Never have I done you wrong and I have come again to advice and plead that you listen to me with patience.” 

“Go on Olivia. As you said, I will listen to you with patience. Why shouldn’t I when you have good advice for me?”

“It is something you must give thought to.”

“Go straight to the point.” said the king.

“You have heard of the Snow Mother – the white woman of the snow. She gave you a child and made you promise to give the child back. Now tell me your majesty what is the gain of this?”

“Hmm.” said the king.

“I tell you, your majesty, if you give up the princess Miranda, you will never have another child and not only that, bad luck will befall your kingdom.”

“I don’t understand.” said the king.

“From what I see, all the good lucks of this kingdom is with princess Miranda. The Snow Mother deceived you all. She made you promise to give back the child in the other way taking away the good fortune of your kingdom so that it will go down in ruins.”

“How could that be?” asked the king surprised.

“You’ve been deceived, your majesty.” said Olivia.

“Is there a way out of this?” asked the king, angrily.



“Take back your promise and destroy the Snow Mother!”

“How do I do that? She’s nowhere to be found!”

“Nonsense!” shouted Olivia. “She certainly will come back for the princess and before then, a lot would take place.” Olivia said and laughed aloud.


Princess Miranda grew up to be a very beautiful girl. She had a melodious and pleasant voice that could soften the heart of anybody. Everyone loved her; she was just and kind and she won the heart of everybody.

Miranda loved the butterflies and she loved flowers, she loved to swim, and play in the garden. She also loved the snow but her parent always guarded her in her room and she could not understand why.

She had no one to talk to except the little pleasant fairy, Dahlia, the blue fairy, Blech, and the prankster, Puck. Sarina only visited and did not have time because she was the queen of sun babies (little yellow fairies).

Miranda and these little fairies were great friends. The fairies were small enough to creep into her room without being noticed except Sarina. Puck, the prankster was always good at tricking the guard so that Miranda could escape and have some fun.

Dahlia hesitated and hated Puck for his pranks but still helped Miranda out of the palace unnoticed. The king and the queen found out one day when they came back from their little escapade.

It was a very cold winter and the four had just returned from skating.

“I loved that!” said Puck.

“It was great.” said Miranda.

“Yeah.” added Blech.

Just as Miranda was going to tiptoe to her room, she ran into her parents.

“Uh-uh.”  said Dahlia.

“Where have you been, Miranda?” asked the king.

“I…um… went for…” Miranda stammered.

“You were skating again?” the queen cried.

“I’m sorry, mum, but I just wanted some…”

“Some what?” the king cut in angrily and he turned to the fairies. “And you all were with her?”

“We’re sorry, your majesty.” The three fairies said.

“You have gone against my orders and you’ll face the penalties, Miranda. I want you to stay in your room. You will not be allowed to go anywhere without my permission and I never want to see the three of you ever again in the palace you are not to be seen anywhere near the palace or you’ll be banished.”

“Father… please.” pleaded Miranda.

“Speak not in their favor.” yelled the king.  

The three fairies left the palace unhappy and Miranda walked up to her room sad and downhearted.

Chapter Three – Unexpected Visit

Miranda was very sad being locked up in the palace. It was seven days to her sixteenth birthday and she knew that soon the whole kingdom would be very busy in preparation for her birthday banquet.

She picked out a book from her shelf and sat down to read but she was stopped suddenly by a very white light. She looked up and saw there standing in her room a very old but pretty lady. Her cloth, worn with age was covered with snow, her hair dazzled white, and she wore a white hood and carried a long, white stick.

“Come, my dear,” the woman said.

Miranda was very astonished when she stood up and was walking towards the woman. As she was coming close the woman seemed to be going farther and then the woman was gone. She was still trying to understand what just happened when a white light started to go round her and she found herself changing. The light continued to go round and round her until she could no longer see anything.

When she opened her eyed again she was lying on her bed and her room lights were turned off. She got up and figured it was already morning. She felt her head aching and she tried to figure out the strange dream that she had. Who was the woman in her dream? 

She asked herself. Only if she could talk to the fairies, they’d understand better.

 Just then, she looked out the window and saw the three fairies standing there. She quickly ran and opened the windows and they flew in.

“How did you get here?” Miranda asked. “Did the guards see you?”

“Trust us, Miranda, we always know how to find our way round.” said Puck.

“Well good, I just wanted to talk to you three.”

“About what?” asked Blech.

“About a strange dream I had.” Miranda said and went to sit on her bed.

“Dream?” The three fairies said and flew closer to her.

“Yes, in my dream, I saw a very strange woman.”

“A strange woman? Asked Dahlia.

“She was as white as snow. Everything about her was white. She looked old but she was pretty and her voice was so beautiful.”

“Oh no,” gasped Puck. “It can’t be the Snow Mother!”

“The Snow Mother?” asked Miranda.

Just then the door opened and in, came the king and the queen. The three gasped.

“You three have disobeyed my orders again.”

“Father, I can explain.”

“Do not explain anything, Miranda. They have gone against my order and so they are banished.” shouted the angry king.

“Father, please.” begged Miranda but it was no use. The three fairies said goodbye to Miranda and left the kingdom without a word.

Sarina was very sad but she too could not move the king and so the three left the kingdom to a place that they knew nothing of.  

Chapter Four – A Strange Illness

It was a very beautiful day. People from different kingdoms gathered in the ballroom for the princess’ ball. Everyone was happy and in a mood for enjoyment. The king was happy when other kings and princes complimented how beautiful Miranda was. Miranda was smiling as well though she missed the three little fairies. The magicians were present (including Olivia) the fortune teller and the sun babies. The ballroom was colorful. 

The Snow Mother had appeared to the king earlier, reminding him and the queen of their promise but the king, whose mind was poisoned by Olivia, said that the Snow Mother was a witch who came to take all the good fortunes of the kingdom. The king ordered the guards to seize her but that was impossible because she disappeared, telling the king that certainly she would come back.

It was time for the ball dance which was always started by the princess.

Princess Miranda elegantly dressed, came out in the middle and started the dance with a very young prince when something happened.

Miranda started feeling very dizzy and soon lost her balance and fell down. Everyone was surprised.

She was immediately carried to her room and the king called to all the magicians and fortune tellers. Olivia, being the greatest of them all, knew what was happening but she did not want to tell the king. She tried to cure Miranda but knew that was impossible.

The ball was canceled and everyone went home with no one understanding what happened to the princess.

The king and the queen were devastated and did not know what to do. They called Sarina who told them that the princess illness was as a result of they not keeping their promise and that only the Snow Mother knows the solution.

Just as Sarina was talking, Olivia badged in and bowed before the king and said:

“Your majesty, only I know the solution to your problem.”

Sarina and all those who were present were astonished and Olivia said. “Call everyone together, prepare a great banquet. Tell everyone that a surprise awaits he or she at the palace.”

“I don’t understand.” said the king.

“You will see when the time comes, your majesty.” Oliva said and left the palace. Sarina who has always hated Olivia and her powers turned and said to the king.

“Your majesty, you better keep your promise or you face trouble.”  With this, she left the king and queen.

Chapter Five – Olivia

Olivia, and her younger sister, Sarella, lived in Fairy Town in the kingdom far far away. They lived in the reign of king Edale, King Egeus’ great grandfather.

Fairy Town was in the east of the kingdom and no human could have access to it without the permission of the fairy queen. Fairy town was a combination of different fairies like the sun babies, the flower spirit, the prankster pixies and fairies, the dark ones and the Snow Mothers.

The Snow Mother was one of the greatest titles ever known in the Fairy Town. Fairies born to be Snow Mothers were regarded with great respect. The Snow Mothers were as big as humans and they had very great powers but they were rare. Snow Mothers appoints only one girl to be her successor whenever she was to “live among the air.” 

There was only one to every generation and there were never two Snow Mothers at the same time. The Snow Mother who existed at that time was Seline. Every Snow Mother was a princess who was given to a king and queen who always returned the girl to the Snow Mother so that the girl would take over the rule.

At that time, the Snow Mother, Seline helped two kings from different kingdom. One was king Edale, the other was king Adah. King Adah had a daughter named Olivia and king Edale had a daughter, Sarella. The other fairies were surprised when Selina brought home Olivia and Sarella because it was rare for a Snow Mother to have two daughters. Everyone loved Sarella more because of her overwhelming voice and her beauty. Olivia was as beautiful as Sarella and had a melodious voice but she was not as kind as Sarella. She was proud of her powers (princess about to become a Snow Mother inherited power) and forced everyone to obey her but not Sarella and because of this, Olivia hated her Snow Sister. 

When the time came for Selina to chose her heir, she chose Sarella to give all her powers to.

Olivia was appointed to help Sarella and the both of them would have been very great if not of Olivia. Olivia was jealous and would never accept Sarella as the Snow Mother. Therefore, she brought a lot of trouble to Fairy Town. No fairy could stand her powers except Sarella. The fairies complained to Sarella that Olivia caused a lot of trouble and Sarella only pleaded with them.

When no fairy could stand Olivia, they decided to separate the Snow Mothers from fairies. Olivia, who wanted to destroy her sister was happy about it but Sarella very angry and cursed Olivia saying:

“You have decided to use your dark powers to bring trouble on everyone. Therefore, until you change your ways, your powers shall bring trouble on you.”

With these words, Sarella banished Olivia and to respect the wishes of the fairies, Sarella left the Fairy Town and swore never to come back, saying:

“I will only be there when I am needed. I am real but I no longer will be. I am everywhere but I am nowhere. Only in the time of your greatest needs, shall I appear.”

With this, she disappeared and was nowhere to be found until recently.

Now this Olivia had been the same one working for king Egeus. She swore to destroy the Snow Mother and use her powers to make herself look different so that the fairies would not know her.

Olivia used her powers to make the queen barren so that the Snow Mother would come to help them.

She poisoned the king minds with her evil words so that the king would go against his promise, therefore bringing destruction on the kingdom.

She secretly planned to destroy the Snow Mother and take her place and she hated princess Miranda because she was Sarella’s heir. For all of her plans, she waited for more than one hundred and fifty years when everyone thought her dead and long gone.

She hated the fairies and wished them bad. She was the one who informed the king and the queen of Dahlia, Puck and Blech’s visit to Miranda so that other fairies will be sad. She deceived a lot of people and people disliked her for her evil powers. 

Now everyone wonder why Olivia had asked the king to prepare a banquet for a surprise. The question was: what is the surprise?!

Chapter Six – A Surprise

The Snow Mother came to the king the day before the banquet to ask for princess Miranda but the king who was still stubborn replied:

“Never will I give you Miranda or any good fortune. You are a witch and deserve to die.”

The Snow Mother smiled slowly and said:

“I see that you are stubborn. Your mind has been poisoned and you have broken your promise. For this, the princess will die in three days. Something bad will happen and I will not fight unless you keep your promise. You still have some time to save your daughter.” With this, she disappeared.


It was a bright day. Everyone appeared beautifully dressed at the palace though no one knew that Olivia had told the king to prepare a banquet for a surprise.

Everything was already set and prepared. The king and queen sat and waited. People murmured to one another as everyone waited. Then the door opened and Olivia came in dressed in a beautiful black long gown and carried a long stick with a globe on it. One that no one has ever seen and also something else came in with her – little, small, green ugly elves with their heads bigger than their bodies. All the fairies gasped at the sight of the ugly elves.

The king spoke, “Olivia, you have called us together and said that surprise awaits us. Now that everyone is here, we are all waiting for the surprise.”

“And the surprise is already here.” Laughed Olivia.

“What do you mean?” said the queen.

Olivia laughed wickedly and said

“Your most indecent and foolish majesty, it’s time you know the truth.”

Everyone murmured and gasped and she continued.

“My name as you know is Olivia but not the Olivia you think me to be. I am the sister of Sarella, the Snow Mother, the princess of another great kingdom, daughter of king Adah.”

Just then, a king in the crowd said “That is Olivia? The daughter of my ancestor, king Adah?”

Another king asked, “Who is the snow mother?”

King Egeus was getting impatient and angry then said, “Olivia, I don’t understand where you are heading.”

“Well,” continued Olivia “We both know that the Snow Mother gave you Miranda and will soon take her away. My Snow Sister is the Snow Mother, Sarella.”

“I can’t believe this.” said Sarina.

“Yes, it is just quite unfortunate that she took my place as Snow Mother and banished me from Fairy Town. However, I have become stronger and will take my place not just as Snow Mother but I will also rule this kingdom.” Olivia said and laughed evilly.

“Guards, seize her.” The king said.

Just as the guards were about to touch her, she waved her stick in the air and turned them all to rats. Panic rose everywhere and people tried to escape through the door but she locked it with her powers. Then she began rising in the air and she laughed aloud wickedly and said “Elves, seize them.”

The ugly elves ran and took hold of the king and queen. Olivia laughed wickedly and held her stick up to strike the king when she was stopped.

“STOP!!!” shouted Miranda.

Olivia looked at the stairs and saw princess Miranda standing there with Puck, Dahlia and Blech flying over her.

“I knew she was evil.” said Blech.

“Evil is an understatement.” replied Puck.

Olivia laughed “Well, princess Miranda, have you come to join the party?”

“Miranda!” shouted the queen.

“Don’t hurt my daughter.” said the king.

“Your daughter? Sorry your most fallen majesty but she is no longer your daughter. At least I succeeded in making you take back your promise. And finally, to win.” Olivia then waved her stick and pointed to Miranda. A light came out of the stick and headed for Miranda but it stopped before reaching her everyone gasped.

“Well Olivia, you cannot hurt me because I am a Snow Mother.” said Marinda.

“Well, it’s unfortunate you won’t last at all.” Olivia said and brought out a clear green crystal from her gown and held it up to the air. 

Suddenly, Miranda started feeling weaker and weaker until she could no longer stand and she fell of the stairs.

“No.” shouted the queen and Olivia laughed wickedly.

“What do we do Puck?” asked Dahlia scared.

“I think I have an idea.” said Puck and he leaned forward and whisper to both of them.

“Hmm, that’s nice bug we have to tell Sarina.” said Dahlia.

“I’m sure she hates sunlight.” added Blech.

As Olivia laughed, Blech, in form of blue air, went swiftly and with all his might shoved the crystal out of her hand.

Dahlia went looking for trouble with the elves by making flowers grow out of their ears, eyes and noses.

“I hate fairies.” shouted an elf. 

Puck whispered to Sarina and Sarina called on the sun babies and they gradually began making Sarina turn yellow as the sun. The room was very hot and the light was too bright.

Olivia laughed still. “You think I’m foolish.” she said and rolled in the air and suddenly a very green light shone all around her.

Sarina’s light began to dwindle and she became very weak. All the fairies could no longer fly and everyone was feeling weak except the elves who were happy that Dahlia was very weak.

“Yes,” said Olivia and she laughed wickedly. Suddenly, the doors that were locked with Olivia’s power broke loose and opened wide and standing there was the Snow Mother. Everyone was surprised at the light and looked up to see a beautiful old woman that was white from the head to the toe.

Olivia gasped and the Snow Mother walked in slowly smiling.

“You,” said Olivia. “You think you can ruin my plans.” She pulled out another crystal that was red and fixed it into the globe that had a space to it. The crystal then began to shine so brightly and then a light came out of it and headed for the Snow Mother.

The Snow Mother waved her stick and the light went back to Olivia. Suddenly, Olivia started screaming and screaming until she turned to bubbles. 

Then all of Olivia’s spells began to reverse. All the elves turned to bubbles and the fairies began to fly.

Marinda opened her eyes and looked at the Snow Mother “The woman in my dream.” She gasped.

Everybody was stunned. The king went forward and said to the Snow Mother:

“I am sorry for going back on my on promise.”

“We are terribly sorry,” The queen said and running to Miranda she said: “And we are sorry for keeping this from you.”

Miranda hugged her father and mother and everyone clapped and cheered.

“I love happy endings.” Dahlia said, wiping a tear.

The Snow Mother smiled and turned to leave.

“Wait.” said the king. “I decide to keep my promise.”

The Snow Mother turned and said:

“That’s no longer your choice but Miranda’s.”

Everyone was silent and Miranda said “For the sake of my parent and of the kingdom, I shall follow my father’s wish.”

“Very well.” The Snow Mother smiled and waved her stick. Just then, Miranda began to change just as she saw in her dreams. Her gown turned white and a white long stick from nowhere appeared in her hands. “Because you have kept your promise, this kingdom shall grow stronger. You shall continue to prosper in all and lastly you shall bear a child.”

Suddenly, a bright light appeared and both Miranda and the Snow Mother was gone. Gone with the winds.

Everyone was happy that everything was over but they were sad because princess Miranda was gone as well. Indeed, they were given a surprise, a very big one…


After nine months, the kingdom gathered for the celebration of another baby girl who was named after Miranda. She was exactly as beautiful and the exact look alike of Miranda.

A statue was carved in remembrance of princess Miranda. Every year, people brought flowers and kept at the foot of the tall statue.

Well, everyone thought Miranda gone but she wasn’t. She was there at the birth of Miranda II, at the birthday celebration and every year when people came to drop flowers though on one could see her.

And yes, Puck, Blech and Dahlia were forgiven and allowed to come back to the kingdom. They played with Miranda II and always cried when they remembered Miranda without knowing she was on their midst.

Everything in the kingdom returned to normal and there was peace and everyone lived happily ever after.

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