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July 18, 2024
Fiction Mystery & Suspense

GONE FOREVER II – Evil In Disguise – DayGo

  • December 13, 2023
  • 8 min read
GONE FOREVER II – Evil In Disguise – DayGo

He held Lucy by her hand and they both left, reluctantly she followed as she wept along till they got to the hunter’s abode. She sat on a wooden stool placing her head between her laps as she face the ground each of drops of her tears fell freely to the ground. Her mother’s voice kept echoing into her ear- then again she look up and turned to the hunter who seems unbothered.
“Are you sure you told her the right thing?” Lucy questioned.
“Of course I did as you said” the hunter replied as he was busy poking his teeth.
“I know my mother very well, she shouldn’t have sounded that way” She added again.
“Don’t worry my dear; I’m glad you are alive and safe here with me. You have nothing to worry about” The hunter said as he sat beside Lucy caressing her shoulder lightly.
“Everything will be fine I promise, at least your family is alive it’s just that you won’t…” He pause
“And I won’t be able to see them again due to the taboo I bear unknowingly right?” Lucy asked as another tears gathers in her eyes.
“That’s not what I meant my dear, I don’t mean to hurt you, remember I saved your life- I’m glad you are alive” The hunter said as he unhooks one of his gourds around his chest.
“Do you have a family?” Lucy asked
“Yes of course” The hunter replied as he blows the gourd.
“Have you ever loved them to an extent that you’d miss each second you are away from them?”
“Of course” the hunter replied.

The hunter sat closer to Lucy as he thrust his knife into its sheath and voiced;
“I once have a family and we all live together happily- talking about my wife whom I loved so much, a hardworking lady I guess fate didn’t have us to be together forever. Oh my lovely kids” The hunter said as he wipe off his tears.
“Where are they now?” Lucy asked immediately not bothering about her own trouble at hand.
“Years ago, I decided to go for a trip which took me many days to return, my wife and my kids told me to return as soon as possible because the town was in uproar then”. The hunter said as he gasps.
“So what happened afterward?” Lucy questioned again as she twitched her arm with the hunter’s.
“The town was experiencing spiritual war, where spirits from the unknown world broke out taking people with them; My wife and kids begged me to stay in order to protect them with my charms but I couldn’t stay due to the trip I had to go urgently” the hunter said.

“I left them without protecting them, it was my entire fault” The hunter said as he clinched his fist in anger and regret.
Lucy consoled him.
“I returned from the trip after many years but I couldn’t see my family again not even in my dream; people who witness what had happened claim that the unknown creature took them” The hunter screamed in pain.

The guards continued their relentless search; while they were still on their mission one of them stopped claiming to be tired of the futile search which led to an argument and then to a serious fight.
“Please I can’t walk anymore can you imagine three days on the road without food” one of them cried out.
“See this lazy brat! If you can’t fulfill your duty as a guard then you are useless as nothing” One of them replied; upon hearing the tired guard became furious
“See in your entire life never call me useless, no one has ever called me that, not even my guardian” He yelled as others kept staring.
“You are just as useless as a blunt knife” the antagonist replied and they all burst into laughter.

The angry guard navigate at once towards him and land a heavy punch on his face, he spat blood immediately as he was about retaliating, the other guards grab him and separated them.
“You all must stop all this nonsense! This is not what we are asked to do” The strongest amongst them spilled.
The stopped and continue their search. As they were walking by the bush side, one of them saw two girls walking towards them.
The guards immediately gather round the girls to capture them, as they were about to capture them, one of the girls disappeared…

Do you think the unknown spirits are still in the town?

Since Jade was a child, his father had trained him to be a skillful and powerful hunter; Little Jade learn so fast under his father’s supervision that his father became the least to challenge him.
Strong, tall and masculine Jade was chosen to be the chief guard of the town- Though young yet he’s active, reserve and every woman’s dream in the clan. The coronation of him becoming the chief guard was successful though he didn’t want to be the chief guard.

Jade settled the uproar between the guards who went against each other and he spurred them to continue the search; barely had they set out when one of them saw two girls walking towards them the guards immediately gather round the girls to capture them, as they were about to capture them, one of the girls disappeared.

The guards all flee in shock leaving Jade and the girl alone as they both stare at each other- the girl was about to escape when Jade grab her tightly.
“Are you not the guards assigned to capture any stranger in town” the girl said as she struggles for her freedom.

“You are going with me as soon I call my boys to come around” Jade said with a calm and deep voice.
“Please I don’t want to die, have mercy on me. I promise not to tell anyone I saw you” the girl cried out.

“Do you think I let you go? After my boys had seen you? escaping after I have captured you, how do I explain that to my boys? Letting you go is what I won’t do” He said as he lift her on his shoulder. He whistled to assure the guards no harm.

They all came out from wherever they were hiding and followed Jade back home. The girl was crying aloud as she wiggle her legs on Jades arm- The guards were all singing as they march home.

It’s been days since the hunter broke the bad news to Lucy’s mother and ever since then she had become the shadow of herself as she kept seeing Lucy in her dreams, she hallucinates during day time.

“Mama, it’s been days you’ve eaten the food we cook for you, please consider your health” Lucy’s immediate younger sister and her little brother said with pity.

“Where is my Lucy? I know my Lucy is still alive somewhere “She said with a weak tone. Her pillow was already soaked with tears.

“Mama don’t worry we are here for you, and we promise to take care of you” Lucy’s sister replied.

They were still urging their mother to eat when they heard a knock at the door; the little boy opened the door and their mother’s best friend greeted as she enters;
“Where is your mother?” she asked the little boy.
“Come with me ma, our mother had refused to eat since she learned about her daughter’s death” the boy lead the way to the room as the woman followed behind with a facial expression.

She was shocked at her first sight of their mother’s condition.
“Your son told me you have refused to eat for days now” She said as she sat on the wooden stool provided by Lucy’s sister.
“My friend oh you are here?” Lucy’s mother said as she clean her face with the edge of her wrapper.
“Yes, I decided to stop by to greet you after I learnt about your daughter” She replied with a pity tone.

“My daughter is still alive; I’m sure as she kept appearing in my dreams crying for help; my friend how do I find my daughter? Please help me.

“Are you sure your daughter is still alive?” Her friend asked.

“Yes of course, I’m sure about it” She replied.

“Okay, if you are sure then I know a soothsayer who can help us out. Her friend said.

Lucy’s mother regains her strength immediately and sprawled to hear more…


Was her daughter later found after consulting a medium?

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