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April 19, 2024
Literature Mystery & Suspense

GONE FOREVER -The Lost Maiden – DayGo

  • December 5, 2023
  • 17 min read
GONE FOREVER -The Lost Maiden – DayGo

Lucy mother wept uncontrollably after the news of her missing daughter who was later sacrificed to the gods got to her. She wept until her strength was no more.

A month ago, Lucy went to visit her friend who lives in the neighboring town not too far from her town. Although her mom wasn’t in full support of her leaving for a town she don’t really know anyone, besides it was her first time of visiting her friend.

“Are you sure you know where you are going?” Her mother questioned as she was busy blowing beans’ chaff

“Yes, mother don’t worry. I will stay safe and I will return as soon as possible. You don’t have anything to worry about mother.

“This friend of yours, can’t she come to visit you?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Ahn ahn, how many times will Julia come visiting? You shouldn’t forget this. Even last week you were the one that cooked for her; or have you forgotten?” Lucy said as she carries her small bag ready to set out.

Her mother looked up and saw her preparing to leaving, she stood up immediately and grab her by her hand- Lucy was frustrated already.

“You know that you are the only one who helps me with the house chores unlike your siblings”. Mother added.

(Lucy was almost fed up) She managed to squeeze her hand out of her mother’s grip.
“Mama I’m going to be late if you keep on like this” Lucy said as she readjusted her bag in her arm and exit. Her mother resumed her chore.

Lucy walked faster as her leg could carry her. Alone in the bush she hums song just to keep her busy somewhat. Few steps away from her friend’s place, then the sound of chanting and some incantation arose, leaving her in a confused state.
She preceded anyway- the more she approaches her friend’s house the louder the incantation becomes.

With courage she paced carefully with her eyes around the bush trying to catch a sight of houses around or someone who would help her out of the confused bush. Not watching out for snakes, she got bitten by a snake, she screamed in agony.

Her voice was noticed by the town priest- they were looking for prey; a stranger for their yearly sacrifice- unknown to Lucy.

The more she screams, the easier it attracts the town priests. Suddenly someone came from behind and mute Lucy from screaming and then carried her after shushing her.

What really happened to Lucy? Was she caught?

It was twilight; Lucy’s mother became worried about her daughter who hasn’t returned from her friend’s house.

“What’s happening? Lucy isn’t back yet?, may the gods protect her from any danger or any harmful animals out there. She said as she looked at the sky as she prays.

The hunter took Lucy to his abode, stopped the venom from spreading over her body; meanwhile Lucy was already weak- the hunter set out for the antidote while he made sure Lucy is safe. He returned almost immediately and administered the antidote to her.

Soon Lucy got better, the hunter interrogated Lucy on what had happened to her before he met her. she explained everything to him.

“I have to return home, my mother will be worried about me” Lucy agitated. The hunter insisted that she stays till the next day

“it’s late and dangerous besides the town priest are still out there; so I’d rather you stayed behind so as not to get caught by the town priests out there” the hunter said as he lit the lamp.

Lucy insisted on leaving for home because her mother will be so worried about her. So when the hunter fell asleep, she tiptoed till she wasn’t around half dilapidated hut. She ran as fast as she could.

It was too dark for her to see the pathway clearly- running alone in the bush she bumped into a man and fell immediately she tried to deter herself from being caught but she couldn’t; the man was one of the town priests.

The man carried her at once on his left shoulder Lucy struggled for her liberty but she couldn’t free herself- she screamed for help but nothing happened.

Her mother couldn’t sleep- she became bereft, her eyes were swollen; she had cry all night long- unable to predict what will have befell her daughter, she kept praying to the gods for her safety arrival.

The man reached the shrine where the other priests were and dumped her to the ground- in pain Lucy cried. The priests rejoice as they chant and yell for celebration. Lucy had screamed too much that she became tired and aphonic.

One of the guards dragged weak Lucy and threw her into a small wooden cage. She pleaded for mercy but it was futile as the priests kept chanting and busy with their preparation.

The hunter woke up the next day and found out that Lucy wasn’t there, he became perplexed. Immediately he wore his costume and began an agitating search.

Lucy was resting on a dried human skull and a charred bone on the ground, she renaissances and eschewed the spot and moved to cleaner side within the cage. It took her few minutes to know that she has delved into a great mayhem.

The hunter knew that the priests had captured her so he traced his path to the shrine, but he stopped on his way and decided to go at night to be on a safer side. So he resumed his hunting.

Lucy’s mother became more worried as she awaits her daughter’s arrival. Lucy knew she nobody’s coming to her aid so she devised a plan on rescuing herself. She sang a native song her mother taught her when she was just seven. She sang with emotion accompanied with tears.

“I want water, she whispered to one of the guard who was prudent enough not to eschew her” The guard stretched the water to her and she saw an acquit knife flickering by his waist so she decided to preempt it to unassail herself but the guard grabbed her hand immediately.


What did the guard do to Lucy after she trying to seize the guard’s knife?

The guard stretched the water to her and she saw a sharp knife flickering by his waist so she decided to preempt it to unassail herself but the guard grabbed her hand immediately.

She abruptly removed her hands from the tight grip; the guard withdrew the water and pours it on the ground trying to punish Lucy for her stupid act;

“No water for you again, under my watch you’ll starve to death, you can ask the previous ones who tried such with me and how they ended” the guard spilled angrily.

Meanwhile Lucy wasn’t really bothered she has clandestinely took the key from the guard- this alone gave her comfort.

She remains silent while she kept on thinking on how she’ll unlock the cage with the key and escape maybe probably at night.

Lucy wasn’t thinking of how to see her friend anymore, her thought was now on how she’ll get home safely without being sacrificed. Apart from restriction, she was also starving. She wept as she resumed the song she was singing earlier.

Throughout the day, Lucy didn’t eat anything; her mother on the other side involved the town’s securities for a thorough search, she also informed the chiefs and the town ruler about her missing daughter.

That same day the securities set out to fetch Lucy home- either dead or alive, they were not sure.

Soon the sun set, the hunter was ruminating on how he’ll rescue Lucy from the captors, his half wooden gun was already corked- ready for the mission; on his chest, was a small fetish gourd for protection.

Lucy somehow regain her strength so she planned on how to unlock the cage and outrun the guards. She made sure the guards were relieved of their duty.

She opened the cage silently- one of the captive, a young lass who was also isolated in a cage opposite to her saw her and she was about screaming, but Lucy calm her down and she also opened her cage.

So they both set out. But either way, Lucy and girl didn’t know which way to go. The girl suggested they follow the left path not knowing where it’ll lead them to, Lucy carried one of the burning lamp along and they both ran.

The securities were busy screaming Lucy’s name as they clear the bush with a cutlass- on the other hand was a small lamp bright enough to make them see any object coming forth while their guns was across their neck- The three moved in sequence.

Lucy’s mother was on her kneels holding some burning candles and a small doll she kept praying to the gods for safe search and return. Since Lucy left, she couldn’t eat anything. Losing weight was the least that could happen to her- Lucy’s her favourite.

Lucy and the girl were already weary from running so they slowed their pace and they brought up a conversation asking each other how they ended up being captive.

“What brought you here?” Lucy asked the girl with curiosity

“Hmmm” (The girl paused for a minute and continued)

“We were retiring from the farm late at night my mother and my immediate older sister; we were unaware that this town is observing curfew. So we came across the town priests and we were captured.

“Your mother and your sibling, where are they now?” enthusiast Lucy, questioned again

“There were sacrificed” the girl burst into tears immediately. Lucy consoled her.

“Their skulls and their ashes were what you saw when you regained your consciousness” The girl added as she gasped.

“I couldn’t say goodbye to them before they departed, now I’m motherless- the girl turned to Lucy, I want to go home, my family needs me. She wept uncontrollably as she held Lucy’s hand like someone seeking help.

“Promise me you’ll take me home” the girl asked, as she sniffed.

Lucy became speechless and emotional at the same time.

“Don’t worry my dear, the gods will keep us safe from this evil people” Lucy said as they walked through the bush.

The hunter went to the cage, only to find out that Lucy wasn’t there. Surprisingly he stood at the entrance of the cage trying to predict what had happened, suddenly a guard came, he tried raising an alarm but the hunter was in a defensive mode so he shot him. The sound of the gunshot echoed that it got the other guards alerted. They all traced the sound…


The hunter who seems to be Lucy’s savior, was he also captured? Was he also shot because he killed one of them? Find out in the next chapter.

“What about you how did you get here?” The girl asked Lucy.

“Well, I came from the neighboring town to visit my friend who always comes to visit me, so couple of days ago I left home to visit my friend, and unlucky Lucy was captured”.

“My mother wasn’t in support of me visiting my friend” She said as she wipes her tears off.
She faced the sky and added;

“Mom I’m sorry for this, I know I’m at fault, if eventually I escape this tragedy, I promised to obey every word you say”

They were still walking when they both heard a gunshot from afar they were afraid so they ran for safety.

The securities on the other hand, were busying searching for Lucy when they heard a gunshot they became worried, as they were not sure what would have become Lucy’s fate by the sound of the gunshot. They carefully hide so as to get unnoticed.

The hunter saw the guards navigating towards him, so he took his heel, he ran towards the path Lucy and the girl followed earlier. The guards immediately realized that the captives had escaped, so they chase after them.

Lucy and girl were running tumultuously in the bush, so they went amiss- Lucy went the other way leaving the girl behind.

The girl kept running till she was caught by the securities, they grabbed her immediately as she tried to free herself. They covered her mouth to mute her from screaming. One of them carried her and they traced their way back home, they were too frustrated to ask her name.

Lucy noticed that she was the only one running so she stopped- she couldn’t find the girl. She became worried as she remembered her promise she made to the girl that she’ll take her home. So she retraced the path to get her. On her way, she bumped into the hunter who was also trying to escape the outnumbered guards.

The guards ran as far as they could, one of them stopped and the other stopped too.

“See guys I think they have gone too far ahead of us, so let us stop this futile chase”.

“We will try to explain to the priests that it isn’t our fault” One of them added so they retreated”.

The hunter took Lucy to his abode, through his observation; he knew that she’s starving so he offered her food and water. She ate till she got satiated but then she remembered that she needs to find the girl.

So she told the hunter about the girl she escaped with and how they both missed each other while they were running. The hunter promised to find her if the day breaks. He spurred Lucy not to run away again, so they both slept off.

Lucy couldn’t really sleep as she kept seeing her mother in her dream so she stays awake till dawn.

The guards returned with the news that the captives has escaped, one of the priests got infruiated and ordered them to start a strict search.

“Go out there, look for them and bring them here- including any stranger you see wandering out there!” he spilled.

The securities, returned with the girl to Lucy’s mother.

“This is not my daughter Lucy! She detested

“Last night we had a gunshot and we try to hide, just then we saw this young girl running so we had to bring her to you.” one of the securities explained.

“This is not my daughter please” she detested the second time.

“We are sorry if only we had started the search earlier maybe your daughter wouldn’t have been shot” One of the securities said as they left.

Meanwhile the girl kept quiet, and then Lucy’s mother asked her if she had seen Lucy by any chance- she mimed to describe her.

“Yes, I and your daughter were captured, and we manage to escape but on the run, we lost track. But I’m sure she is smart enough to protect herself from being caught”.

“If my daughter is alive, I pray the gods keep her safe and make her come home” She said as she readjusted her wrapper.


As the Priests has increased the guards, instructing them to find the captives and also capture any wandering stranger… What will be Lucy’s fate?

“If my daughter is alive, I pray the gods keep her safe and make her return home safe” She said as she readjusted her wrapper.

The next day, the hunter set out to fetch the girl home, while Lucy stayed behind as she walked around the hunter’s house. She got to the hunter’s shrine where different charms and dolls are exhibited. She carried one of the dolls to observe. Suddenly she went unconscious and fell flat to the ground as her heart seized.
The guards were busy searching the whole town with the aim of seeing the runaway captives. One of them seems to have recognized Lucy and the girl’s face. They carefully stop any maiden on their way and observe closely to see if it’s Lucy or the girl.

After a futile search the hunter gave up so he returned home. He called Lucy’s name but she didn’t responded so he searched for her. He was shock when he saw her lifeless body at the entrance of his shrine. He sprawled on the ground and placed Lucy on head on his lap- then he saw the some remnant of the venom flowing from the vein around her neck down to the veins on her phalanges. Her body was cold and heavy.

According to the girl’s description, Lucy’s mother took her to her family. They all mourn for their losses.
Lucy’s mother never cease praying for her daughter’s arrival; she decided to look for her daughter by herself, but she was stopped by the securities and the town hunters.
Lucy saw herself in the midst of a wilderness with many skulls hung on each tree around her; she was wearing a torn cloth stained with blood. Each time she screams, she vomits blood. She eventually stopped when she saw a bright light from afar so she traced the light; a voice echoed into her ear.
Immediately she woke up and she saw the hunter in front of her.
“Welcome back to the world of the living” the hunter said as he rubbed her palm to make her feel safe and comfortable.
“Do you remember what happened before you blacked out?” He asked
“I don’t remember” She said as she sniffed
“Thanks the gods I came to your rescue fast enough; the venom was too powerful and besides you have passed through a lot of stress of which your body couldn’t withstand” He said with a smile.
“Uhmmm, where is the girl? Is she safe?” Lucy asked.
“I’m sorry I didn’t see her, I think she’s gone”. The hunter said with a sad tone; Lucy became sad as well.
“So when will you take me home?” She asked.
The hunter stood up and left her sight without a reply; Lucy followed him immediately and grab his hand to stop him from leaving.
“I’m sorry girl, I saved your life” The man said with a shaky tone.
“Yes you did, and I owe you for that” Lucy replied
“But on a condition, I gave you one of my potent charm to revive you- and the taboo is that you won’t be able to see your family nor your loved ones” The man said with tears.
Lucy became confused as she couldn’t believe her ears.
“So you mean I won’t be able to see my family again?” she asked as she covered her mouth in disbelief.
“Yes, my dear” The man replied.
“Can you help me with something; tell my mom I’m alive and healthy” She said as uncontrollable tears flows down from her eyes. They both left for her town- Lucy wept as they went along, finally the hunter reached her house so he told Lucy to stay behind.
“Good day ma” The hunter greeted
“How may I help you? Lucy’s mother replied. She was busy doing something, so she was facing elsewhere.
“Uhmm, it’s about your daughter” the hunter stammered. She turned immediately;
“Where is she? Is she here? Did you find her?” She asked in an agitating manner.
“I’m here to inform you that she was sacrificed months ago” The hunter lied. She grabbed the hunter’s cloth tightly and cried out with agony.
“What have you done to my daughter?” She wails.
Lucy heard her mother’s voice from where she was staying, she became emotional as she wept silently. Immediately she saw the hunter coming towards her, so she wiped away her tears immediately.
“Why is my mother crying?” She asked
“I don’t know, my dear” the hunter said as she dragged Lucy’s hand and left immediately.


Is that the end for Lucy? Do you know that the hunter is an evil man?
Comment Really? To unlock the Part two of this story.


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An Africa setting story of a girl who on her way meet with some ritualists... Full of suspense you won't want to miss
An Africa setting story of a girl who on her way meet with some ritualists... Full of suspense you won't want to miss
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