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June 21, 2024
Mystery & Suspense

Game of Heathens – A Murder Mystery – O. S. David

  • December 3, 2023
  • 30 min read
Game of Heathens – A Murder Mystery – O. S. David

Two children held hands, while walking through the steel quiet corridors. All around them was space, wide white space. The wall around them stretched straight ahead, the tiles glistening spotlessly beneath them. Nothing could be heard in the background, except the soft part of their wet feet against the tiles and a soft hum in the background. Above them, the fluorescent was blinding. Everything was white, and blank, like they were in a factory or a medical facility.

They finally got to where they were heading – a small compact room, as white as every other room in this building, the room was supposed to be an office, except that there were no shelves, books, chairs, whatsoever. Just three simple chairs facing each other and a blank table in between. One of the chairs was occupied by a man – a big man on a sleek, unblemished suit. It was the same man the boy had seen earlier. The one with the gun.

It was past one.

“Children.” The man’s voice was deep and hoarse, but it was comforting anyways.

“Please sit.”

They both took the empty seat. The boy – Sam was glaring at the man – an after effect of what he had seen an hour ago.

His younger sister – Lesley was drowsy and sleepy.

Silent ruled the next few seconds before the man finally spoke.

“Sam, my name is Sean.” Another silence. Sam had not replied. He just kept staring into the space.

“Sam, I know that what you saw today was too big for you…”

“What happened to my Daddy?” Sam’s quiet voice came on. The boy was only ten and the girl, eight – just children.

“Sam. We…” A pause.

“… we lost him.”

“I heard someone shot.” Sam climaxed.

“And I promise, we would fish out who the is.”

Another silence Sam looked confused, his wide, tearful eyes seeking for answer.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” Lesley mewed beside him, unaware of the tension around her.

“Sam, I was arriving your house minutes ago when I heard a gunshot. I didn’t wait for Stephen to open the door anymore. I badged in with my gun but the person –

whoever it was that shot your dad had taken off. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get him soon enough.”

Sam stared. He swallowed.

“I want my Daddy back!” He croaked as he burst into tears.

“Sam, why are you crying? What happened to Daddy?” Lesley didn’t seem sleepy anymore. She was enquiring stubbornly Sean leaned in, moving across the table, he settled beside Sam to give him a warm comfortable hug.

“Sam, it’s okay. Trust me, Daddy is here. I’m here for you, Sam.” Sean consoled. The boy wept a little before Sean pulled him away and stared into his eyes.

“Sam. Listen to me…” Sean began.” I believe that whoever did that to Daddy, wanted something. I’m a detective – you know what a detective is?”

Sam shook his head. Sean frowned. We have to find out what he wanted and I am going to need your help in every way possible. Is that okay?”

Sam nodded.

“Would you help me in any way you can?”

Sam nodded again.

“Good boy.”

Sean ran his fingers playfully through the child’s damp hair.


Marcel Drogba finally showed up at the crime scene feeling disturbed by walking at past one to attend to a homicide, he was grumpy and sick, yet, he seemed prepared. He had his suit on already as he

 “Okay… um… I, I am trying to find out

 who did this to Daddy and I suspect

 whoever did it wanted to take something from him.

Detective Marcel had dressed at once and had drove down Mile Avenue in his own vehicle to the location where he had been directed by the station.

Before entering the little, residential home. He observed it briefly. It was late at night but the street light gave a good view of the seaside type of building with it well cultured surrounding.

How in the world had a murder taken place here? Yawning, he proceeded into the building. A few officers he recognized stood at the entrance. An ambulance was parked in a corner.

“Morning, Peabody.” Marcel greeted his work partner.

“Morning.” Peabody replied dully. They both seemed to be shaken after waking so early. The wind was chill – a perfect atmosphere for a good sleep.

“The victim is a young, country side male. Presently in his early forties. He is identified as Stephen Coleman. Cause of death was a bullet in the heart.” Peabody summarized as they proceeded into the house. Marcel caught a glimpse of the body on the floor at the center of the room. There was blood, so much blood, probably from the heart wound. The forensics circled the figure, taking pictures.

“Any signs of force entry?” Marcel enquired.

“There is a broken lock. Maybe a robber or something.” Peabody replied.

“A man – Sean Bull – called earlier to report the incident. He left earlier with the victim’s kids.”

“The victim’s kids?”

“A young girl and girl – Sam and Lesley.”

“Why take them?” Marcel frowned.

“He happens to be a friend. He tried to help ease the children’s trauma.”

“Come on, Peabody. A friend?” visiting by midnight? It suddenly seemed to draw on the female detective. I’ll like to meet this ‘Sean’. We’ve got our first suspect.

Chapter Two

The machine doors lid open as Sam went into the room. It was the same case again. All white, except that this room was stuffed with machines – large machine, at least, large to little Sam. It was a machine at the center of the room – a complex structure of aluminum and iron, merging to form something like a round pointed fork at the tip. Sean sat opposite the machine with his flawless face as calm as ever, waiting for the young child.

Sam had earlier taken a bath and was now fresh and new he wore nothing but a plain robe given to him earlier and was now dripping wet as a result of not drying himself properly.

“Come over, Sam.” Sean ordered calmly. The child came closer and took a seat opposite Sean, directly below the machine. Sam kept looking above him,

staring nervously at the device that looked frightening.

“It’s a machine to help you calm down. Take a deep breath, Sam.” Sean instructed.

Somehow, Sam obeyed, inhaling deeply, exhaling and then, he remained stiff, quiet. He was calm.

“Now Sam, the device is going to come down at you. Don’t be disturbed, it only helps you relax.”

Sam remained as still as ever as the metallic prongs of the machine above him slowly clipped around his head, so slowly, so quietly, he could hardly feel it.

“Now, Sam I’m going to ask you some very simple questions and I would like you to reply in the simplest way you can.”

Somehow, the expression on Sam’s face urge Sean to go on.

“Tell me something about your father.” Sean began. Sam paused.

“My dad was the perfect man for us – I and my sister. He was kind, lenient, never rude, never harsh, never wicked, he was always there for us. We went through a lot together. Since Dad told us that Mom was not coming back, even though the challenges were endless, we came out victorious because Dad was there, always – he went to work at times but always returned to us. As he usually says… Sam stopped. Sean sighed.

“Okay, so he was a perfect man in summary. Was he ever angry at you or something?”

“Yes.” “When?”

“When he left the house and then we brought out mum’s picture, crying and wishing she was there. When he came back and saw us, he was furious. He probably cried. It made him feel like he was a failure, even with everything he had done to forget mum.”

“Okay…” A pause. “Did he like games?”

“I saw him with pentominoes and deck cards a few times. He said it helped him think but that didn’t necessarily mean he liked it.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Sean jumped in. “What games did he play with you?”

“Baseball, though I think it’s more of a sport.” Sam’s voice was flawlessly calm.

“Yeah, it’s a sport. You both played no games? Say scrabble? Chess.”

“I doubt even like that. I hardly saw them.”

“Did…” Sean paused for a longer time than before.

“… did he ever tell you about a code?” “A code?”

“Or codes.”

“Codes…” Sam sounded thoughtful. “… Never heard of that.”

Chapter Three

Sean emerged from the room and stared through the glass at Sam who was sitting patiently in the blank rom. He sighed before turning to face the blonde who was staring quietly at him, her finger on an operation panel.

“These kids know nothing.” Her melodious voice rang through the room.

“They do! They have to.” Sean insisted,

The lady – Nancy – sighed heavily.

“He didn’t even know what a detective is. ‘Codes’ is something he had not heard of. How do you expect this child of ten or the girl of eight to lead you to the treasure you hunt?”

“The lie detector…” Sean was cut short.

“It was all positive. The machine didn’t even show anxiety or nervousness at any

point. His mind was as calm as the mind of any other person who would be telling the truth.”

“Get the girl up. It’s her turn.”

“Sir, you can’t keep subjecting these children to a lie detector when they committed no crime. For goodness’ sake, they’re just kids.”

“Kids that know something.” Sean lashed back.

“Get Lesley up. It’s her turn.” ***

It was harder to get the girl child out of her sleep. It took series of quiet and gentle tapping from Nancy. A decent smell of nice meal and a loud music woke Lesley quickly from her sleep. Nancy led the eight-year-old through another sets of corridors to where Sean sat in wait with the lie detector as it was with Sam. Sam

kept busy with the food while watching Tv.

“How do you feel, Lesley?” Sam enquired as she took a seat opposite him as Sam had done earlier.

“I want to go home.” Lesley lamented childishly. Sean sighed, as if thinking of how to go about constructing his next statement.

“Lesley, listen…” He began.

“…um… something really bad happened to Dad and… and you can’t go home now.”

“What happened to my Daddy?’

“I can’t explain, child, but you should understand that I’m only trying to help.”

“Why did you bring me and Sammy here?”

“Because… because you can help in making Daddy happy by simply answering these questions truthfully.”

“Is Dad mad?”

Sean was the one mad now.” Lesley, just answer these questions correctly and truthfully.”

Lesley leaned back now and Sean saw he had the child’s attention. Lesley had not even realized the lie detector had already clipped around her little head.

“Lesley, Dad hid something that put him into some really big trouble.” Sean began.

“What was that?” Lesley rushed in. Sean held back a growl. That was a question for the child and not him.

“That is what I have to find out and we’re guessing you or Sam would probably have a clue.”

“I don’t know of anything.” Lesley concluded, yawning.

“Did you have a hidden store, maybe where you hid when playing hide and seek?”

Lesley looked thoughtful.

“Dad never liked hide-and-seek.” Lesley replied.

“What do you and Dad play then?”

“Nothing. He spent most time with us, watching cartoons on Tv, anytime we wanted to watch cartoon, he lets us even if he was watching his favorite channel.

Sean lowered his voice as he murmured into a mouthpiece he wore.

“Any improvement.” That was for Nancy.

“She’s saying the truth, her brain pulse is absolutely normal. No signs of nervousness, discomfort, whatever.”

Nancy replied into her own mouthpiece, watching Sean and Lesley from the glass.

Sean looked back at the quiet girl and sighed.

“Thank you, Lesley.”

Then he shot up and went for the door. As he slid open, Nancy appeared in front, about to go in and get the child.

“I have another alternative, Nancy – a better one.”

Chapter Four

Sam and Lesley slept till dawn. Both children were not exactly sure of where they were or how they got there. Though uncomfortable and curious, the entertainment provided to them by the organization was enough to take away the fear of the children, at least, if they were treated well, things couldn’t get any worse.

They were given a large comfortable room with the most relaxing beds the world could offer, more than enough meals, snacks and drinks as well as Tv set with unlimited channels they could view.

By past ten, Sean had walked into the children’s room and called them out. He began to lead them through the quiet, stone-cold corridors of the quiet building. Neither of them knew where they were headed but they followed solemnly,

Putting their trust in the man that led them. They soon appeared in the open. Both children breathed in the fresh atmosphere as the warm rays of the morning sun hit their skins. They realized they were not exactly in the city, probably a little distant away from. Around and above them were towering trees, gleaming in the clear morning.

Right in front of them, stood two bodyguards, as stiff as the log around them, beside them was a polished-black SUV car. Sean ushered the children into the car and was about to occupy the driver’s seat when Nancy appeared from the building. She came closer and whispered…

“Where are you going Sean?” Sean paused. “The house.”

“What? That place is a crime scene. You don’t just expect anyone who sees you there to keep quiet.” Nancy reported.

Sean leaned closer.

“Those children are going to give me what I want, no matter what it takes!”

Nancy growled.

“Sean. Sam is just ten and Lesley is eight. They don’t even have an idea about what happened to their father and here you are trying to trigger memories. This could lead to trauma…”

“I can’t keep them forever, Nancy!” Sean yelled now. Soon, the police would be coming for them and I would have to give them up because I have no legal right to hold them.”

“And if I end up getting sick of your greed, I might just be the one calling the police!” Nancy threatened and turned to return to

the building before Sean could utter another word.


Few minutes after Sean’s exclusive SUV drove out of the premises, a Camry drove in and pulled to a halt at the foot of the building. Detective Marcel came out of the car and hit a doorbell. On the third attempt, the door swung open revealing a blonde native American.

“Detective Marcel.” Marcel introduced himself as he raised up his barge.

“Nancy.” The lady replied.

“Nancy, it was reported that the manager of this company-Sean Bull had left earlier with the children of his friend who was a victim of murder.”

“Correct.” Nancy replied briefly. “Can I see Sir Sean Bull?”

“Um… really sorry Detective Marcel but my boss just left with the children to an amusement park.


“They wished to go there.”

“Can I return sometime today?”

“Sure! Say the next five hours that would be in the evening.” Nancy replied.

“Thank you, Miss Nancy.” “Thank you. Detective Marcel.”

Marcel turned to return to the Camry. With a deep breath, Nancy shut the door.

Chapter Five

“Home!” Lesley shouted as Sean’s car pulled to a stop at the front of the cottage where his friend had once lived.

Lesley and Sam jumped out of the car and ran towards the house. Lesley got to the house first, knocking.

“Dad! Dad! We’re home!” Lesley shouted and after more fruitless attempts, she turned to face Sean who had his large hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“Where is he? He’s not inside…” Lesley muttered. Sean pulled closer and gave her a warm embrace.

“He simply went for a vacation. He is going to be back. Come children, let us go in.” Sean opened the door with his spare key and took them inside. It was all dark as the drapes were drawn. As soon as Sam

stepped into the sitting room, he froze in his steps.

“Sam, are you okay?” Sean asked.

Suddenly, Sam erupted in a scream. Sean pulled him close and shut his mouth, knowing his noise could attract the distant neighbors.

“Sam, are you okay?” Sean asked.

“Dad was lying on the floor!” Sam cried in reply. Sean gave the child a hug as he remembered Nancy’s words.

This better not be a shitting mistake! Sean thought. He faced Sam again.

“Listen, Sammy, I know you’re not comfortable being here. I promise, we’ll leave soon. I just need you to help me find the treasure your dad left for me before he passed away.”

“What treasure?” Sam cried, vibrating in his shock.

“There is something your father hid in this house, and no matter what it takes, we must find it.

“Dad never said about a treasure!”

“Your father was a smart man, probably the smart genius I’ve ever met! There must have been one way or the other by which he had told you – the both of you about a treasure…”

“He didn’t!”

“Pirates of the Caribbean? Harry Potter? Gods of Egypt? What did he use to cloak it?”


“Did he show you secret places? Any locks in the house? Are there any compartments?”


Sam tore of from Sean’s grasp. He collapsed to a corner of the room, weeping Lesley ran over.

“Sam, are you okay? Lesley asked with a tearful voice. Sam gave no reply.

“Sam…” Sean’s voice came up.

“I’m sorry.”

Sam remained n his crouched position for the next few seconds before he finally got up and strolled across the sitting room and towards the staircase that led to the room. Sean and Lesley followed quietly. Sam got to the bottom of the stairs and paused. He felt around the staircase and the wooden panel around it.

“It was here.” He murmured. “What was there Sam?”

“One night, Dad showed me this staircase. I was so sleepy; I couldn’t exactly remember what he said. But that was the only secret thing Dad ever told me.”

Sean was beside Sam in the blink of an eye, running his hands through the wooden panel. His eyes where searching, his fingers working, his palm feeling, and then something moved!

A slight click and the a soft slide of the panel revealed another small compartment concealed in the dark. Sean had a torch on in the next second. The bright light glared into the compartment to reveal a little box. But by bit, Sean searched for the box and picked it up. It felt really heavy.


 Sean sighed as he placed the box on the table.

He then opened the box and smiled secretly, a wry smile that none of the children could see.

He had found just what he sought.

Chapter Six

Sean returned with the children by past six in the evening. Nancy showed up first at the entrance, a line of worry drawn across her face. She was weak and tired.

“Nancy…” Sean acknowledge her presence as he ushered the children into the warm building. Nancy bent to give a closer look at the children, Sam looked worn out and pale. Dark holes had already formed beneath his eyes. Lesley looked no better, her mouth shaped to show her discomfort.

“Are you okay, Sam?’ Nancy asked.

Sam nodded slowly. Nancy noted his eyes were swollen and shot Sean a glare as if to warn him of what she had just observed.

“Come you need to have some rest.” Nancy led the children now through the

corridors while Sean left for some business.


Sean entered into a laboratory. The place was as speckless as a new pin. A few lab technicians were all around the room, going to and fro with strange chemicals.

“Sir.” An elderly man greeted as Sean walked up to him.

“We’re running out of time, sir I suggest you squeeze their necks if possible for them to tell you what they know.”

“The police would be here for them in no time. We can’t hurt them.” The man- Ander-sighed and then grumbled.

“What in the world are we expected to do now? We’re a total…”

“I’ve got the Maltex.” Sean spat. Ander’s eyes widened as his mouth dropped.

“You’ve got our ultimate killer? He gasped.

“I found it.”

“They talked?”

“They gave the clue, I finished up.”

Sean held up a sealed bottle at Ander’s face. Ander received it like if he wasn’t careful, it was going to melt in his hand. The bottle was cold and icy.

“Exactly, it’s Maltex!” Ander gasped. It’s the weapon I’ve been looking for all my working years.

“Now, you’ve found it. I need you to play your part now and create that one weapon this company has sought for the past ten years.”

“This evening is a certainly, sir.” Sean smiled.

“Good!” He drank down his coffee.


It only took a short lullaby before Sam and Lesley were soundly asleep at past eight. Seeing both children were quite dozing now, Nancy crept out of the room and into the dark room beside it. She picked her handset and dialed.

“Detective Marcel, southern police district.” A voice came from the other side. It was clearly automated, a program from an answering machine.

“You said, five hours detective. It’s seven hours already and nothing…” Nancy delivered a long speech to the detective’s answering machine before she finally hung up.

It was just then she heard a sound of a gun cocked right behind her.

Chapter Seven

“What in the world is this house trying to tell me?” Marcel asked loudly as he walked into the crime scene where Mr. Hael had been shot few hours ago. It was a normal thing for Marcel to ask that question. He believed in the notion that the crime scene always had a message, an aura, left to relay a due about what happened only if one can understand it.

The countryside detective had just joined the force a year ago he had surprisingly handled thirteen cases perfectly. What the hell was taken this simply homely homicide so long?

“Peabody, tell me what you observed strange…” Marcel said as he circled the sitting room.

“About the room?

“Generally… about everything.”

“Well, the sitting room is awkwardly French like Peabody replied.” With lots of dark corners.”

“Doesn’t sound like a lively home to accommodate two kids.

“Mr. Hael was a tourist, since his wife died. Which explains the little artifacts you see hanging around. The artificial obstruction of the light was only used to enhance the beauty of the house.”

“Ha! I see…” Marcel helped himself with a torch, so Mr. Hael had lived with his two children alone for…”

“Eight years. His wife died after Lesley was born.” Peabody finished.

“Look at this…” Marcel whispered as he fixed his torch on the wall just behind a television.

It’s a circle drawn around a cross.” Peabody observed.

“Heathens!” Marcel gasped. “What’s that?”

“It’s a cult that existed in the sixties. They were known to have been the strongest existing during their time but when the new leader came into power during that period, there was rioting amongst themselves as another wanted to ascend to power and what made their enmity stronger was that the appropriate leader possessed an elivar, one they called…”

“The ultimate weapon?” “How do you know that?” “The tale sounds familiar.”

“The unrightful leader tried to get the weapon Marcel continued… he wasn’t to use it against the leader himself but the leader seemed to know about the plan

 already. He handed the elivar to his son to pass it to generations-on and on, amongst first son. The unrightful leader and his bandits ambushed the leader but before he could ascend leadership, another stronger cult cleared out the Heathens for good…”

“Mr. Hael was a tourist. He could have seen the sign somewhere and decided to inscribe it, you know. The same way he has other artifacts around…”

“Or maybe he used the tourism as a cover! History never records the destruction of the Heathen’s leader generations!”

“But could it be? Since the sixties?” Peabody clarified.

“Of course. It’s not even up to the seventh generation it’s very possible! This is it! Someone shoots him in the night and probably takes a treasure he hides…”

 “The elivar?” Peabody gasped.

“Our traitor could be the counter Heathens. They had a way of identifying themselves.” Marcel smiled as he pieced the puzzle.

“Then Sean comes in and finds the body, he decides to help as a friend by taking care of Sam and Lesley?”

“Does that imply that Sean is probably a Heathen too on his side?”

“They would have had very close ties for Sam and Lesley to choose to be with him.” Peabody replied.

Marcel stood on a spot, his mind racing something else was missing.

“Pea, were there signs of forced entry earlier this morning when the incident happened?”

“No, the lock was intact…”

“Oh my God!” Marcel gasped.

“What is it?”

Marcel began to head towards the stairs.

“Feel around for any secret compartments that could be hidden on the walls. The Heathens hid their properties best among hidden panels. Marcel instructed. He was below the staircase in no time, feeling for anything absurd.

“Peabody, come over!”

Peabody immediately joined Marcel below the staircase.

“Look at this!” Marcel whispered.

“It’s the sign again! Peabody gasped. Marcel raised his hand to the panel and pushed gently. A slight creak and the panel slid away.

“Oh my God!” Marcel gasped. “It’s empty!”

 “The elivar must have been here…” Marcel thought.

“Indeed…” Peabody replied quietly.

“… and now I get it. Whoever killed Hael

tool the elivar.

“If the look were not disturbing then there’s a high tendency that whoever came in here was a friend and not an enemy because Hael must have opened the door!”

“Sean!” Peabody gasped with realization.

“The one person he trusted working against him!” Marcel smiled.

“God why didn’t I see this before? Sean killed Mr. Hael.”

“We must move!”

Chapter Eight

“I thought I could trust you…”

Nancy heard Sean’s griming voice from behind. Her blood ran cold and shivers went down her spine.

“I know you want to hurt the kids.”

“Hurts?” Sean scoffed.

“I am going to kill the kids!”

“But you can’t do that! Don’t you have a heart in you…”

“It is compulsory!” Sean growled.

“Do I need to start reminding of our history?”

“Sam is just a child…”

“Sam would come claim his right! The generational fight would go on and on! This is a chance to end it all! A chance to completely wipe out our foes,

a chance to completely break history! And you ruined it~!” Sean yelled.

“I can’t let you! I can’t let you kill the child! Nancy insisted without looking back all the while.”

“Then what would you have me do?”

“You have the weapon, you have everything you want.

When Ander finally completes the weapon, we would be yielding the greatest device of all times! There is no way Sam would be able to get it back ever!”

“He’ll be back for his revenge!” Another yell.

“I saw the darkness in his eyes…”

“He is just tormented! The child just needs some rest!” Nancy could hear Sean snort.

“Okay, how about we brainwash him?”

“Have you forgotten the seal of the Heathens?” Nancy was quiet.

“A Heathen is a Heathen forever, no matter where you are, no matter where you go, a Heathen would have to yield to his call! Not even a brainwash can change that.”

“Then what about the police? You kill him, they’ll come after us…”

“That is the idea, so the children would die in their own custody…”


“This is it, Nancy. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, the moment our ancestors have been waiting for…”

“This is all a game to you, right?” “Everything is a game.” Sean inhaled. “Everything!”

“I hate you, Sean. I have always and would always hate you.” Nancy growled.

“Thank you for your betrayal, Nancy.”

“Don’t worry, before your next move, the police would be all around you.”

Sean gritted his teeth and fired!

Chapter Nine

Sam sat quietly in the blank room. There was nothing around him but space and silence but the loud banging of the troubled child resonated across his head until Sean came into the room. The door slid shut as Sean took his position opposite Sam. As usual, a bright white spotlight was positioned above them, making it possible for them to see each other clearly.
“How do you feel, Sam? Sean’s voice echoed across the room.
“It has been a long day.” Sam replied quietly.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get to understand what is going on exactly.”
“Can I go home now?”

“Uh… maybe you’ll spend the night here but I promise, you’ll be home soon.”
“In heaven!” Sean smiled. “How?”
Suddenly, the door slid open as Ander walked in, smiling. He gave Sean a brief nod. Sean smiled and gave a nod in return. Ander turned to walk away but paused in mid-steps. Sean frowned.
“Ander, are you okay?”
“I… guess… so.” Ander croaked.
“He’s not.” Sam replied, as stiff and calm as ever.
Ander turned to face Sean now. Sean gasped. He was as red as a tomato and his face was swollen in just a second.
“Ander!” Sean yelled as he stood up. Ander was frozen on a spot, as shocked as a zombie. He suddenly had a disgusted

frown as he opened his mouth and let the blood flow. Sean drew closer but paused, frowning in confusion.
“What… “Ander’s voice was faded.
“…is… happening?”
Ander dropped to the ground, dead.
“Don’t worry…” Sean turned to face Sam. He still remained as stiff as ever.
“…you’re next!”
Sean’s face suddenly began to redden. He searched around for his gun.
“Looking for this?” Sam held the gun up to his face.
“The same one you used to kill Nancy?”
“How did you…”
“It was the coffee, sir. The one you drank earlier, the one all your workers drank. I

and Lesley just had to circulate the poison in the company’s coffee machine,”
Sean’s eyes widened as he fell to the ground. He growled as he crawled to the motionless Sam.
“You killed my father and think I’m a kid? To believe your foolishness?” Sam scoffed and chuckled.
“I knew where the Maltex was all the while, you might ask. What about the detectors? Ha! Don’t worry. Dad thought us how to maneuver that.”
With each second, Sean crawled closer to Sam, growling with pain and anger.
“Then bless God! You took us back to our house, so Lesley tried to go in but the door was locked. You opened for us, even better then I faked my trauma.
‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ for real?’ Sam bursted out laughing. “When I sat at that

corner, I hid the potion well. Oh my gosh! I kept thinking about how shitting easy you were…” Another laughter. Sean urged on, tears in his eyes.
“… now I didn’t want to show you the Maltex but I thought I best. Dad said when the time comes, I should let you have the Maltex, so that poor Ander could round it up. So, now hope my weapon is ready?”
Sean growled a reply. “…sure, it is!” Sam bursted out in another round of laughter.
“…poor Nancy, but who cares, she would have died anyway. She took the coffee too.”
“I’ll kill you!” Sean growled as he pulled closer.
“For real? You’re strong!” Sam laughed again without moving a muscle for his present position.

“Dad used to tell us something then. He used to tell me that I’m not the one who would carry on the family Heathen legacy but my elder brother would.
Sean’s eyes evidently widened and his mouth dropped. He paused, coughing.
“You lied.”
“Marcel Drogba should be on his way here. When elder brother comes, he would find out how father had planned to keep him safe from everyone which is by abandoning him in an orphanage the moment he was born to keep his identity concealed. So, Dad watched him grow all these years till he became the son Dad was proud of…”
“No!” Sean whispered.
“So, I simply did my job which is to pave way as a forerunner to my brother-the true Heathen. He would be a victor and

would do perfect job with his newly found weapon. Don’t worry, everyone in the company is dead, wiping out our enemies from history forever.” He sighed.
“Dad would be so proud of I and Lesley right now.”
“I… I…” Sean vomited.
“Don’t worry, Sean… just die slowly… and peacefully. Thank you for your game. You love games, don’t you? Sorry. It’s checkmate now. I just seized your king.”
Sam arose and headed for the exits. Sean growled louder and louder until he collapsed and move on more.
When Sam came out, there stood Lesley with a charming smile. Sam smiled back and held her hand. Together, both children went into the world, with all the money the company had, enough to last them a lifetime.

Marcel Drogba walked into the company with Peabody following behind with their guns raised.
“Oh my God!” Marcel gasped. Right before them, sprawled at different points on the immaculate white floor were corpses.
“Find the children.”
Marcel and Peabody splitted, Marcel dived into a room. He drew closer to a table that had an extremely bright light above it to highlight a figure sited on the table-when he pulled closer. He realized it was a video player but beside it was…
“Maltex! The weapon of the Heathens!” Marcel gasped. He came closer to read an inscription on the player. It read:
“Dad has a message for you.”

As he settled down in front of the player, Nancy’s message on his phone began to play but when it ended, Marcel knew that there was a bigger problem at hand. He hit the play button…


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