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June 21, 2024

MAZE II – Moyosola O. E.

  • December 2, 2023
  • 2 min read
MAZE II – Moyosola O. E.

Yes, she might have said she couldn’t love him but it was a lie.

She turns left and right on her bed, trying to fight back the tears. She gives up, sobbing into her pillow. She couldn’t love him.
She sobs for few minutes before deciding to count the number of tiles in her room to blow off steam. She walks into the bathroom to take a shower.

“Why Mia?” George looks surprised.
“I can’t, I just can’t”, she stares ahead fighting back the tears threatening to flow freely down her cheeks.
“Why, there must be a reason? I mean, I’m good looking, smart, intelligent and I have a very bright future ahead of me. No girl would want to resist me, this is a golden opportunity Mia, just marry me “.
“Whoa, I never knew you already rated me so cheap. Do you think marriage is all about being smart and good looking? Well, the witches that ministered to Macbeth also told me not to get all tangled up with just good looking, smart and intelligent guys in quote”.

Why was it so hard for the gods to send her husband her way, she’s apparently still in the cold shower evaluating her response.
Her phone beeps, it’s a message from George. She walks out of the shower casually with a towel strapped to her delicate body, tossing her phone aside she slips into thoughts again.
Maybe, the gods destined her not to get married. She must be a wife to the gods.

Mia leaves hurriedly as she can’t hold back the tears anymore, George tries running after her but he hesitates. She’s probably going to the dorm room to think it over.

Thank you for following. The end

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