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April 13, 2024

MAZE – Moyosola O. E.

  • November 29, 2023
  • 2 min read
MAZE – Moyosola O. E.

She’s curled up in bed, her legs hugged to her chest. Her heart hurting as she replays the day’s event in her head.

He had confessed his love for her, she’s been expecting it but it seemed out of the blue when he admitted his interest in her. She ruined everything, not her fault though. She loves him, she had always loved him her whole teenage life.
They were in the same academic club and her heart flutters whenever they had the chance to talk, he is such a nerd therefore their discussion was always about books and conferences. She would always wonder if he ever has the time to think about ladies.

Her heart hurts so bad as his tall handsome figure creeps gently into her mind, his deep black eyes, broad chest, flat nose and perfect lips. His long necks could probably help in sighting her from a long distance.

“So, I already read ‘Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays’, I actually have the Pdf and I can send it to you”. She scans through her gadget, he takes her hands in his.
“Mia, I’m not talking about books today, I want to talk about you”.
“What about me, George? You think I’m not reading well? I really have no excuse, I…”
“It’s alright, the thing is… I love you Mia, I love how you’re passionate about becoming a great writer and actress”.
Mia stares in silence as George strokes her hands.
“Your hands are so soft, like that of a baby. I know I probably sound ridiculous, I just don’t know a better way of saying this”.
“I don’t understand you George”.
“I know you’re thinking, we always talk about books and I’m a nerd so how come I fell in love. You see, age is not on my side anymore and the witches from the supernatural realm who ministered to Macbeth also ministered to me”.
“George, you’re bringing books into this again”.
“Sorry, I can’t help it. You really look like the beautiful poet, Maya Angelou, I love her poems a lot”.
“I can’t love you George”. They stare into each others eyes for a moment.

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Moyosola Ojoniyi


  • Why is she giving us mixed signals

    • Well, she knows what she wants and she is showing it but has to subject herself to what her ‘owner’ wants.

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