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June 21, 2024
Fantasy Romance


  • November 28, 2023
  • 23 min read

Knives! It just had to be knives of all things. I mean couldn’t they use guns? Guns are less messy, with knives you end up cutting flesh, hitting a nerve or cutting a vein or artery causing you to bleed out and die. Yes, with guns you bleed but it’s less messy and it also reduces the temptation to drink the target dry yourself.

“Hiding again?” my partner hissed as he hovered over me. Such a show off; just because he can fly and I can’t doesn’t mean he has to rub it in.

“No! I’m controlling my hunger.” I hissed back. He chuckled and came to my side.

“How about I help you end this quickly and you help me talk to your hybrid?” he offered with a smirk on his face. He was too close for comfort so I pushed him away and stood up from where I sat behind a crumpled wall.

“Not a chance!” I yelled as I left my place of protection with my ninjatos in hand. I didn’t yell but heard the flea laugh behind me which caused the dar in my system to boil. The Screechling was busy picking off the skin of its human prey. Disgusting! It had no time for me so I stabbed it from the back and picked it apart with my blade.

“I love the sound of breaking bones in the evening,” I sighed with delight as I tore through the remaining Screechlings and few humans. By the time I was done, I was a sweaty mess while the flea hadn’t even broken a sweat. How does he do it?

“TEAM 2; FLYNN AND SELINA, SESSION COMPLETE” a voice boomed from the speakers on the dome ceiling.

“Finally! I thought we would never get done with how slow you were.” Flynn said cockily. I just rolled my eyes and made my way to the dorm whilst avoiding corpses. The dorm was just one big building which encompassed our rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen and dining. Our rooms are separated but that didn’t stop some couples from going to each other’s rooms. I shared my room with two other girls; Ava, a hybrid and Jena, a werewolf. Ava was my closet confidant while Jena, Jena, doesn’t like me and Ava but that’s her problem not mine.

I opened the door to our room which was panted black with red accents. Jena was on her laptop with her headphones on while Ava was painting her toenails. “Lina! How was the session with the flea?” she asked with a giggle.

“He wanted to drown me with his cockiness!” I growled out as I went into the bathroom to wash off all the blood and other body fluids. I scrubbed myself clean and just crashed on my bed. Today’s session was of the hardest I have had in a long time and that’s saying something because the last time I had something this hard was a century ago, long before Ava even came to being. I have been in this dome for two centuries now, from the time I woke up on that bed with little memory of how I got there in the first place. One day I’ll remember.

“Was it that bad?” I heard Ava whisper. I chuckled.

“No, why do you ask?”

“You’re quiet.”

“I was thinking.”

“Of life outside the dome?” I was thinking of that but I wouldn’t say it out loud because it would lead to a never ending series of discussions and unanswered questions.

“I was thinking of how to get the flea.” I said with a smile.

“Are you guys not hungry or you’re just waiting for all the good food to be gone?” Jena asked from her bed, still on her laptop.

“Do you want to go with us?” I asked.

“It’s better than going alone.” She replied curtly and turned off her laptop. Ava and I got up as well and we all headed to the dining room. The whole journey to the dining room was quiet, I guess they had some things on their mind. The dining room was a big room with several long tables and benches. There is a cooking staff but we are also allowed to cook what we want sometimes. It’s sad that the only thing my kind can cook and it are blood cakes, blood tea, blood milk and blood pies much to the annoyance of the werewolves because of their enhanced senses.

“Should we sit at table 12?” Ava asked. Jena shrugged and I said nothing. If you haven’t figured it out already, this place is a school, a training ground of some sorts and we are in a dome because….

“TEAM TWO, REPORT TO APEX TOWER NOW!” a voice resonated through the speakers in the dining room. Isn’t it weird to have speakers everywhere? Anyway, my eyes caught that of the flea and together we made our way to the Apex Tower. It is important to know that inside the Apex Tower lives, Miss Delilah, a trybrid. She is the boss here and the first person I saw when I woke up on that bed those centuries ago. She runs this place with her son, Ricardo. He is a hybrid. His mother is one third vampire, one third werewolf and one third siren or as known by humans; one third mermaid. Ricardo on the other hand is just like Ava, half vampire and half werewolf. No one knows his father but all we know is that it is a forbidden topic. The Apex Tower was at the centre of the dome and was as high as the dome which was 4500 feet high. It had only one floor which was at the top but every other floor had a deadly trap waiting for intruders. Flynn and I stood at the entrance and shared a look. It was always scary coming here, I usually feel tense anytime I come here and I have been here more than a hundred times but what is making me feel even tenser is the fact that we just had a training session not too long ago.

“Don’t worry too much, you’ve got me and I will never let anything hurt you, Selina.” He said in a voice that would make any girl swoon but I snorted and used my hand print to get into the Apex Tower.


“You don’t have to be so pushy.” He snickered as he stepped into the building with me after signing in with his hand print of course. Since we signed in, the building looked normal just empty but within that emptiness were weapons of death. We headed towards the elevator which was right in front of us by ten steps. Once inside he pressed the only button there which would take us to the only floor.

“I will do all the talking that is required and you keep your mouth shut, okay?” he said from beside me. This was the only side of him I liked; the business side, the serious side. I nodded my head in agreement. I didn’t have the energy to talk anyway. The elevator doors opened and we were welcomed with the sight of metallic grey walls and furniture with splashes of teal here and there. Miss Delilah sat in her chair, her head against the headrest and hands clasped together in front of her. Her looks were enough to captivate a man not to mention her style of dressing; she was dressed in a black body con dress that gave off a business yet sexy vibe. Her maroon hair was in a high ponytail leaving her cobalt eyes to pierce through one’s soul.

Ricardo sat on one of the couches at the right of Miss Delilah. He also had good looks with his sharp jaw, hazel eyes and slicked back black hair with beautiful full lips. He is a specimen. If anyone saw all four of us they would have thought that Miss Delilah was my elder sister, Ricardo my younger brother and Flynn the eldest of us all. Must be the vampire traits.

“You’re early. That’s good. Do you have any idea why I called you both here?”

“No.” we replied. Flynn side eyed me but I didn’t care, this was one question that I could answer. Miss Delilah smirked and signalled to Ricardo who threw a file in our direction which Flynn caught expertly. Show off.

“That’s your next mission outside.” Ricardo said.

My head snapped up at the word, ‘outside’. It had been a year since I went outside last and it wasn’t fun. Buried memories threatened to explode in my mind while Flynn went through the file.

“When do we leave?” Flynn asked as he slammed the file shut. I shivered at the sound but quickly composed myself.

“Tomorrow morning.” Miss Delilah said and dismissed us.

We left the Apex Tower and went to our separate rooms to pack up. The whole dorm was silent which confused me; how long did we spend with Miss Delilah? Putting that question at the back of my mind, I filled my duffel bag with black combat boots, black leggings and black tops. I then went to the room behind our closet; the artillery room. I selected my best gun which is a glock 84 and my sniper gun. I didn’t know whether we were going after a human, vampire or werewolf so I took normal bullets, silver bullets, garlic and holy water bullets and tranquillizers. I turned my back ready to leave but changed my mind and with a smile took my ninjatos.

With the dorms behind me, two duffel bags and the flea beside me, I made my way to the jet pad with the flea in tow.

“Where exactly are we headed?” I asked as we took our seats on the jet.

“Florida. Some of our kind have gone rouge from the Florida branch and are attacking civilians. Government doesn’t understand what’s going on, it’s our job to take care of it before they become too nosy.” “Anything else I need to know?”

“We have to act as a couple and no guns allowed.” He said with a smirk.

Someone shoot me!

“Why didn’t you tell me all this in the elevator? I wouldn’t have packed my favourite guns. I would have packed more daggers and if you treasure your very existence, keep your hands to yourself.”

He chuckled and sunk further into his seat while I looked out the window promising myself that if he tries anything I would chop his hand off with my ninjatos. I smirked and sunk into a resting state.

We landed in Florida after four hours of being in the air. A car was waiting for us. We got in and set off to our next destination.

“Where to next?”

“The mall. We have to blend in.” I nodded and looked at the passing scenery as we drove off.

At exactly thirty minutes after we landed, we arrived at the mall. When we highlighted, the driver gave us a bundle of cash to spend. The sun was too hot on my sink, it wasn’t burning or anything, just too hot. I know you are shocked we can walk in the sun but we have evolved. I gave up the ability to fly to walk in the sun while the flea gave up the ability to stay awake all night to walk in the sun.

“Are we supposed to be married, engaged or dating?” he asked with a smirk as we entered the clothing section.

“Dating, I can’t fake being married to you, that’s basically asking for death.” I said with an eye roll. He chuckled and we went our separate ways and shopped. I bought a lot of baggy tops and sweatpants so as to be comfy and hide my weapons. I also bought a few cute dresses and make up. I bought enough black to bring out my brown eyes and brown hair.

“You done?” the flea asked from outside the dressing room I was in. I wanted to change into something comfy but I couldn’t decide and it just happened to be a bonus that it upset the flea.

“Nope. I can’t decide what to wear.” I said and heard him groan. I was busy giggling when the curtain separating me from the outside world was drawn back. My giggles stopped immediately at the sight of the flea. He stood there looking upset and the fact that I was dressed in a baggy hoodie and leggings must have upset him more. His blue eyes grew cold as he glared at me. He drew the curtains back successfully blocking us from the rest of the world, and pulled at the black mess called hair on his head.

“Do you know how hard it is to stop myself from doing what I am thinking right now?” he growled out. I looked at him with narrow eyes, “Who is holding you back?” A grin appeared on his face. He grabbed my face.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He said while I rolled my eyes. There was absolutely nothing that he could throw at me that would knock me off my feet. Well, that was until the flea kissed me.

What the actually heck? I wish had my Glock in hand.


I pushed him away with a force and wiped my mouth with a glare in his direction. He was just smiling at me and I wanted to wipe it off his face but before I got the chance he pinned me to the wall with my hands above my head.

“Why do you have to be so fierce all the time?” he asked with a pout and it made me groan.

“I wouldn’t be so fierce if we didn’t have to hide, it’s slowly becoming a part of me.” I replied, my tone hushed. His face softened at my response.

“I promise you love, this is the last time we will hide.” He said softly and I felt something surge inside me. He never says things he doesn’t fulfil.

“Is that a promise?”

“It is.”

“Well, it’s not complete yet. You have to seal it with a kiss.” I said with a smirk.

“Gladly.” He smiled and smashed his lips on mine which I responded to with full force.

“C’mon, let’s go before the driver gets suspicious.” I said with an eye roll. He laughed and we made our way outside the mall to the driver. In the presence of the driver, our façade was up again. Flynn plaid his role as a jerk perfectly and I nailed being a pissed off partner. Sometimes I wish we had a mind link like werewolves but alas, that is not the case.

The driver drove us to an apartment building which looked average. I guess they didn’t want us to be in the high class but in the average class. As soon as we got out of the car with our luggage, the car sped away.

“How rude.” I commented with a scowl.

“C’mon, let’s get settled in.” Flynn said with a smile. I smiled too and we made our way into the building. It was a simple building of two storeys and based on the fake identities and all other of our needs for this mission indicated that we were on the first floor. We took the stairs in order to know more about the infrastructure of the building and to also scope out the area. Our living space was two rooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining room. A basic set up. Before Flynn could sleep, I made him dump all his weapons on the living room floor so as to sort them and store them in the second bedroom. He had throwing knives, darts and a dart gun and more guns.

“I thought you said no guns.” I said to him who was sitting on the couch looking tired out of his mind.

“It was a tease.” He said with a tired smile. I glared at him but then sorted the weapons and stored them with their magazine clips. Being the lazy being I am, I threw my shopping bags and duffle bag of clothes on the floor in our room.

“You hungry?” he asked when I crashed on the bed.

“No. you don’t seem tired.” I commented noticing that the flea was dressed in loose shorts and no shirt.

“Well, I am and I feel sore all over.” I smirked, “You need help with that.” He graced me with a smile and then I jumped on his back, well one thing led to another.

“I missed this.” He whispered in my ear as he spooned me. I snuggled closer to him and just hummed in response.

“Work starts tomorrow, are you ready?”

“When have I never been ready?” I asked back. With that Flynn went to bed while I remained awake going over all the events of my life.

It was exactly five thirty in the morning when I got up from the bed. I looked over at the flea and smiled; we won’t have to hide anymore.

I set up the laptop that we would use to contact Miss Delilah, got the files pertaining to the mission and also two blood pouches out of the many Flynn brought. I closed all the windows and locked all the doors. What goes on inside, stays inside. By the time I was done, the flea emerged from the bedroom with the sexy bed hair that I missed so much. He was wearing the same loose shorts from last night and a black tee. He sat beside and grabbed one of the blood pouches and began to drink it.

“Anything yet?”

“Nope.” I said and grabbed the second pouch. We both sat and ate in silence then there was a ding from the computer. It was a video request from headquarters. We started the video call and was met with the captivating features of Miss Delilah who had dyed her hair a pastel green that looked so glossy it seemed fake.

“Your first step in this mission is to go to the park at Youno. It’s where most sightings have occurred. You are not to engage them but to draw them out and observe, find out anything strange and report back immediately.” She said and disconnected immediately. We started at each other for a brief second before splitting up. He sorted out our weapons and I got ready.

Alright rouges, let’s see what makes you tick.

We got to the park in thirty minutes because we had no car and had to use public transport. Flynn and I were the exact image of a lovely couple and with our picnic baskets full of knives in hands no one would suspect our bluff. The park was quiet and barely had visitors. I scowled at this; maybe the government was already digging too deep and chasing people away. Flynn pulled me out of my thoughts as he guided me to a park bench that was close to some dense trees. How lovely, we were close to the door of the rouges. We used this cover as a couple to catch up, talk about sweet nothings till we finally heard it; a nearby scream. We looked to see a little kid not older than five years old look at the trees behind us with a face so pale I feared for him. I turned to follow his line of sight and what I saw made my mind snap and my consciousness desert me.

I didn’t want to believe my eyes, maybe that’s why my brain shut down but it just couldn’t be; I killed that being already.


Everything was just cold. I felt cold inside and out. It felt like my dead organs and the dar in my dried up veins were colder than being put in a freezer. I just wanted to die. It was scary that she was alive but it was more embarrassing that I didn’t killer.

“Hey, are you okay?” Flynn asked softly. His head was right above me and that was when I realized that my head was on his lap.

“I’m not okay. I thought she was dead… how did you handle it?” I said and asked as I sluggishly got to a sitting posture.

“We all did, maybe something found her. I saw you kill her so that she was saved is the only explanation.”

“What happened after I passed out?” I asked resting on his shoulder.

“As soon as she saw you, she retreated and I brought you back here immediately.”

“She retreated?” I asked confused. I thought for sure that she would come after me.

“Mm, I was waiting for you to wake so as to page a call to HQ.”

I nodded in response and wondered what I was going to say to Miss D. she didn’t like failures and this was my first one. I could already see her threatening glare and icy stare.

“Are you ready?” he asked and I nodded. With that he sent the call through and Miss D. picked up immediately. She was dressed in slacks and a white shirt.

“What’s the update?” she asked slightly angered. Someone must have upset her. I was definitely dead.

“We went to the location and we saw Natasha. She seemed to be the one leading them. As soon as she saw us, she retreated.” Flynn said and I could sense that he was anxious for me. There was a pin drop silence and I watched as Miss Delilah’s features morphed into that of a raging bull. If she had the power to change appearances, her eyes would be balls of fire and her hair would be an unruly flame.

“Natasha? The same Natasha that you both claimed that you killed!” she raged while I cowered back in fear and almost whimpered but I held back knowing not to show fear in her presence.

Still simmering she said with a voice embodied in flames and ice, “Get back to HQ.” and just like that, the computer went dead. I let out a shay sigh. This isn’t going well. I couldn’t stop the tears that wanted to fall. I was in trouble and Flynn was also in trouble because of me.

“Shh, shh, shh, we’re a team, we’ll face this together. I promise nothing is going to happen to you.” He said and pecked my forehead as he cuddled me. Flynn packed everything up for our journey back tomorrow while I just sat down scared out of my mind. Later that night, Flynn filled me with passion. It was like a promise that he would make everything okay and I trusted him.

In the early hours of the morning while Flynn was still asleep, I heard the sound of wind entering the house and that made me get up. I closed all the windows; who broke in?

Taking my glock from the night stand, I stalked my way out of the room and to the living room only to come face to face with Natasha searching the place.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I raised my gun higher. She stopped, looked at me and frowned.

“You mustn’t go back. You don’t understand how evil Miss Delilah is. Come with me, you and Flynn. I can keep you both safe, that’s what I’m doing with the others.”

“How do you know Miss Delilah and how can I trust someone that I killed that woke up again?” I asked with pure anger.

“She owns all the branches, you just need to trust me. I can’t explain more because I don’t have time. Don’t go back, it will just start the countdown to your death. If you need to see me, come back to where we met today. I’ll be waiting.” With that, she left the apartment the same way she came while I just stood there like a fish out of water.


I couldn’t explain the chills that ran through me as we stood in the elevator with our luggage. Flynn held my hand and squeezed as a sigh to trust him. I held my breath as the elevator doors opened. Miss Delilah held our gaze with a scowl before she stood up and walked to a corner of our office where she kept her alcohol without saying a word. Ricardo, on the other hand, took Miss Delilah’s seat while his mother stayed at the table with a drink in hand. Ricardo looked at our intertwined hands and I could see a small scowl appear on the left side of his lip. How odd.

“Since Team Two has proven completely inefficient, you will be disbanded, retrained and suspended.” He said with arrogance that made me want to reach out and snap his neck but Flynn held me back like he knew my thoughts. That made Ricardo scowl. What’s his issue? If this was all, I was ready to go and endure the questions Ava would throw at me.

I didn’t get the chance to see her since we came here immediately we landed. I was ready to turn around but it happened so fast. Ricardo merely gave a little cough and the next thing I know, a long blade came from nowhere and slices Flynn’s head off his body leaving his dar to splash on me but that was the least of my worries. Flynn was gone, just when we were going to come out in the open.

I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t even make a sound as I fell to the floor and just hovered over his body. I didn’t want to believe that he was gone.

Miss Delilah made her way to Ricardo’s side with a smirk highlighting her features. I stared at them with eyes a feral red and full of unshed tears.

“Oh, don’t be like that. He wasn’t good enough for you anyway and just be thankful we didn’t kill you. One of you had to die and it just happened that he was the team leader and not as good as you.” Miss Delilah said with a weird smile on her face. She took a sip of her drink while Ricardo made his way to me.

He held my face forcefully and got me to stand up. He pulled me closer and whispered in my ears,

“You are mine, always was and always will be.” With that, he pushed me aside with a crazed smile while I stared wide eyes. He tossed me my bag of weapons and I numbly made my way to the elevator while staring at Flynn’s body.

The countdown has begun!


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I'm currently a student of Performing Arts at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. A Christian author with the aim of spreading the gospel in a way that my readers can relate with.

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