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April 19, 2024
Literature Poetry

The Poem Village – Exciting Creative Reads

  • November 21, 2023
  • 4 min read
The Poem Village – Exciting Creative Reads

Now, More Than Ever – Extracted from Now, More Than Ever (The Novel)

The Spirit of the Lord calleth me

While I wallow in shadows deep

His yearning voice bears me out

As I fall into eternal sleep

The Spirit of the Lord beareth me

When I drown in oceans wide

With his saving wings he lifts me up

And his glory on my side

The Spirit of the Lord saveth me

As I fade in deserts vast

The painful scorch eats at my soul

Waters of life he rains at last

The Spirit of the Lord leadeth me

Through jungles of serpents and thorns

The villain’s eye and snare hunts me down

But his light saves me from his horns

For when

Shadows of death arise from my right

From my left the greedy oceans come in might

Behind me lie deserts of ceaseless plight

Ahead lies the jungles of endless night

Then I look up in search for thee

For my trust and tricks and triumph fail me

Spirit of the Lord from the above I see

With outstretched arm calling for unity

I cry a tear of humble plea

Come Lord for I need you now

Now, more than ever…

-O. N. Michael

The Hero of the Blacks – Extracted from Rise Up: In Memory of Chadwick Boseman

Why do I have many things to say about you

But can write down so little?

Three days to ‘ember marked the goodbye

The day you took a saddening sigh

Why do I know so little about you

And yet feel like I had known so much?

The day you left this world, I could feel

That from the billions that breathed,

One was taken away

The Hero of the Blacks is never coming back

You should have waited just a little longer

I blame life for taking you too soon

I blame myself for not struggling harder

To meet you in stardom someday

The stars and celebs of this world won’t mind me

But you would have welcomed me wholeheartedly

You smiled and laughed like one of a kind

In your last days, those smiles didn’t touch your eyes

Not MJ, not Whitney, not Mandela

Had I cried for this way

Because you made me believe I’m a hero myself

To defeat life, fight and rise up to stardom

To be like yourself, a hero to the last

If only I had put in more efforts

If only I knew he was moving to glory

I would have struggled harder to meet this man

To see him laugh, write, joke and probably dance

Sir Boseman is a hero like no other

He didn’t only emerge a victor on screen

In real life he fought as a silent warrior

In reality, he arose undefeated

Sir Boseman fought battles on the stage of Marvel

This same man fought reality of life and death

Even two weeks before dying, his smile remained

Even when he left slowly, he kept the battle

Alas! Sir Boseman is not dead

Sir Boseman didn’t kick the bucket

He only transcended into the realm of legends

He only joined the Heroes of the Heavenly Host

Sir Boseman didn’t pass away

He only took off, lifted high, lifted away

This man never stopped smiling

Those tearful grins of his have not vanished

He only closed his eyes in graceful slumber

He only changed his jet black suit

To dazzling white robes

Sir Boseman is watching us from Above

He has seen how much the world misses him

He has seen how much we love him

A living saint, indeed, the world has lost

Now he is only trying to tell us

He is in a better place

O Great Warrior! Long live king of Wakanda

Who Killmonger could not defeat

Who the pains and aches of life could not stop

Who cancer could not break down for four years

Who death could not lay his icy hands on

So I drowse in grief, watching the rain patter down

I smile remembering Sir Chad is still watching

Though I couldn’t meet him as life had hindered

In the Spirit of the Native, there he is

Right beside me….

O. N. Michael

Tribute to Mr. Chadwick Boseman


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  • I wonder and wonder oh Michael what miracle watching Chadwick have become of you

    • My brother…. It’s a feeling that when words of the mouth couldn’t express, I only hoped words of the pen would. May he rest on.

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