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April 19, 2024
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Now, More Than Ever – A Documentary of Testimonies that Would Leave You Marveled – O. S. Jessica

  • November 21, 2023
  • 8 min read
Now, More Than Ever –  A Documentary of Testimonies that Would Leave You Marveled – O. S. Jessica

To the God of testimonies

To everyone involved in the step by step creation of this story- the editors, proofreaders, publishers, designers, printers and sponsors

To my never relenting team for their strength and understanding

And to you holding a copy in your hand

Thank you… very much!

Countless testimonies coming your way


A round of applause erupted from the audience as a man ascended the stage.  Beaming with smiles, he waved at the buoyant audience like a newly elected president with his melanin stricken skin glowing in the bright fluorescent spotlight that brought the man’s full frame to view. The man was half cast- of African breed and a country from Europe but nothing- nothing- except his impeccable accent made it possible for him to be identified as a European. He was polished brown, almost as black as his mother had been. Still, he was as handsome as a statue made by Michelangelo, tall, elegant and full of passion for his job.

Peter Zanwe was one of the top presenters in the country, most popular for the Christian show- NOW.  Now happily married with two children, Peter had been the presenter for The Perfect Message Christian Organization since he was in secondary school and still remained the presenter after ten years. Peter Zanwe was now widely recognized and was in several places referred to as the ‘Now Man’ simply because he had just been the master of ceremony in each and every program and event they organized. Peter however was not complaining. As one of the few in his times that were still dedicated to the work of the Gospel, Peter didn’t even consider his salary to keep on going with his job. In one of his interviews with The People and Their Voices TV show, Peter stated: –

“…The NOW show is one of the most beautiful aspects of my life right from the moment when I was a child. It formed me into whoever I am today and has created for me a reason each and every day to remember that God’s not dead… that the God that our ancestors and forefathers served is still high up there, gallantly above us with his feet resting on the Earth. You should see some of the testimonies I get from people I interview during the NOW show. It is terrific. Trust me, I hear about things that almost seem like a fairytale to happen in our present century but they did happen, because the God behind every good work is still moving around this world, doing good…”

The NOW show was created by one of the top organizations in the country – The Perfect Message Christian Organization- for the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Christianity using means of an unmatchable charity scheme and broadcasting the testimonies of several individuals who have had their own personal encounters with Christ. The reason why the creator- Joseph Yimma- had called it nothing but NOW left people with wonder. During one of his interviews, fans had repeatedly popped that question at him and he ended up laughing and then with tears in his eyes, he looked up at them and replied, slowly, like he was suddenly distant, lost in a long time memory that was hard to forget: –

“I found myself in a situation one faithful day. It’s all a long story but to sum it all up, I was not far from being a dead man, and then with a tumbled vehicle resting on my thighs below, in the midst of the haze, and heat and dust and the stink of death, with blood gurgling up my mouth., I whispered: – ‘I need you now, Lord… Now, more than ever…

And there he was…”

Joseph had ended the conversation there.

Presently, the NOW show was now one of the leading global shows broadcasting Christianity and known to have converted numerous souls to Christ. 

Another one of those like shows which Peter was to preside over was presently ongoing and with a wave of his hand, the applause had died down as the waiting believers listened in anticipation. Still radiating the glory all around him, Peter looked at everyone in silence until murmuring arose and soon uproar of joy and applause.

“… God has done something marvelous for someone today…” Yells of acknowledgement came as response as the clap thundered around the entire auditorium. “… He never stops doing it, and today, he has done another!” Peter echoed. When the crows had died down again, Peter turned to face the cameramen that would be putting up his face to the three billion plus viewers along with the multitude presently streaming live. “… As we all know, we have come together again to glorify God with the awesome works he has done in our lives and in the lives of our brethren. Of course, as we know again, this is the NOW show- number one Christian forum for spreading the good news of the Gospel through our circulatory charity scheme and the countless testimonies from a wonder-working messiah.  The NOW show is only a branch of the Perfect Message Christian Organization and altogether, we are a subsidiary of Gerianova Studios and we bring nothing but the perfect good news! Today on our show, we are going to be bringing three individuals up to testify on the wonders of God in their lives and how the Lord came to their rescue when they needed him the most. Today’s show would be a most elevating episode as we would be looking into the story of Gozie from Anambra, Nigeria… of Andrew from Bauchi, Nigeria and finally of Jemimmah from Lagos, Nigeria and we would be hearing them testify live to the goodness of God in their lives so do not go anywhere but sit tight with a joyous heart and a smile that never wears out and stay blessed!”

As the applause resounded, the scene faded for the display of some commercials and when the show came to play again, the smiling face of Peter materialized. “Now, we would be calling up to the stage these guests of ours, starting with Gozie of course and um… we would be calling Mr. and Mrs. Enebeli because uh… it is with sad news that we announce that uh… well, I’ll like you to welcome to the stage- Mr. and Mrs. Enebeli from Anambra State…” A DJ mix erupted as the spotlight moved from Peter to the pair now ascending the stage, beaming with smiles. The two were popular and those who knew them could recognize them. Mr. Patrick Enebeli was a politician in his country and a minister to be more precise, elevated with riches and prospects alongside his wife who followed by his side. Both were corporately dressed and radiated their state as one of the richest people anyone could find in the country. Whatever they had to say began tingling in the heads of the viewers as a mystery to be unraveled. Peter welcomed them with the easy flow of one with experience and guided them to the two waiting chairs which they occupied with satisfaction. 

“Whoa… Whoa… Thank you…” Peter threw to the crowd and waited as the uproar died down. He took a seat now as he sized up the couple before him. “I have never seen a pair looking so prim and polished!” He commented humorously and earned a brief round of laughter from the audience and the beaming couple. “… To be a politician must be interesting!” Another roar of laughter came in as response. “… But to be very honest, it’s a privilege to have you seated here. It can only mean one thing- God has broken bounds!” The sound from the audience was of consent and approval.

“…He has… He has…” Beatrice Enebeli replied quietly. 

“Tell me, Mrs. Enebeli … why would this testimony be for Gozie and not the both of you?”

She sighed now. “…Because Gozie is the cause we testify.” 

“Believe me, I like this boy. Tell me about Gozie… what is he like? What are the things he loves? What is his attitude?”

Again, she sighed but this time, more audibly. She placed her stare not on the camera but at nothing at all- just the thin air, definitely warming up to the memories of her and her son. “Gozie is a child like no other. Gozie is full of life, warm-hearted, kind, gentle and yet, very playful… Oh! He is very much one of the most creative persons I’ve ever met…” She laughed a little. “I still remember him trying to make a vehicle out of the wheelchair he used… all those tiny things we considered stupid…” She paused now and shifted in position, more conscious of the present now. “My son- Gozie Enebeli was a patient…” There was a low murmur from the listening audience as they tried to digest the information as quickly as it came. “…He was diagnosed with Asperger disorder but it never made my son any less of a human, just that we didn’t get to see it until it was too late… may God forgive us…”

The suspense in the air was inevitable and evidently, even Peter was caught in the twist of the event.

“Mrs. Enebeli, please testify before the waiting world, and tell us about this marveling character of Gozie…”

With a warm smile, Beatrice turned away again and looked into the thin air…


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  • I think this has kicked off on a good note. I’m waiting to see what follows next. Keep it up!

  • This is a nice piece…

  • What a line;I need you now more than ever…
    Just today I said this poetic line in my prayers … And he answered… I too is a testimony…

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