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July 18, 2024
Literature Poetry

The Sacred Collection of Award Winning Poems

  • November 21, 2023
  • 4 min read
The Sacred Collection of Award Winning Poems

A Pinch of Chaos – O. N. Michael – Winner of the University of Unilorin Student Union Poetry Contest 2023

The oil of mischief lubricates the grains of disaster

Arguments and screams; anguish heats up our meal

Boiling commotion in the green, white, green pot asunder

Shedding blood spices our deadly dinner deal

Like leaning lettuce, in dismay, we wonder who goes next

Beneath the plastic serration of our deadly context

We dice the onions of peace, propanethial blinding us

Chopping bleeding carrots of conscience apart

Veggies of unity; slicing boundaries we lay forth thus

Wicked mortars crush the lobster of our heart

Oh! Has a bubbling broth ever loved the heat it receives?

Or has a deer aflame relished in the whiff it perceives?

Sour parsleys of gossip, scents of the curries of foul talks

Sturdy condiment box of dumb apathy

Three seasoning cubes from the three shades of the black culture walks

Undone meat; half-cooked truth, force-fed tyranny

Youths unemployed lay vain like the kitchen pickle picker

Scandalous scullery with no laws to save the weaker

Dishing delicious portions on trays of segregation

Dining in dead silence, we feast on our deed

Tribalism, injustice, fork and knife congregation

Add a pinch of chaos, a teaspoon of weed

When it stings hot, we gulp down gallons of unending hate

Smiling in the pretence of good taste, accepting our fate

The cuisines our forefathers feasted on were life and light

Hence lies hope against our sheer frailty and crumbling delight

We eliminate the too many cooks that marred the dish

On a rekindling fire, we now heat the porridge we wish

We set streams of love; warm the spice of peace and goodness

Like parboiled grains; sieve our hearts of the starch of wickedness

Aflame in spirit, we still boil in true serenity

In an orderly dock where sauciers work in unity

Every bit of me and you is flavour to the bonne bouche

Every cut, every true slice for our meal is one great push

The Future Us would sit at this dining when we are done

And enjoying every savoury bite, they’ll eat as one.

Great Change, Great Sacrifices – Okpala Michael – Winner of The Faculty of Arts Essay Competition University of Ilorin 2023

In a country where gunshots ring as school bells

Where bomb blasts are but booms of fireworks

We laugh at our sheer destruction, awaiting a moment hope tells

Foreseeing freedom from the wicked oppressors’ lurks

So we wait

We crossed our calendars as we did our hearts

The twenty-fifth day of the month of love; we yearn

Ready to rebuild what is left of a nation torn apart

Return to our homes, fathers, mothers, and those who learn

The day has come

We begin the pilgrimage to destiny, to a greater nation

A journey with nothing to accompany you but your will

Our consciences whisper our choices before the citadel of decisions

We’re certain the great change has come in peace, the country lies still

That was just the bait

A click; gun cocks and open in a continuous round

Confusion envelopes every one of us as we fall

Everything dims when the people come to the ground

Our mind races; our heart pounds as we answer reality’s call

Where does this come from?

Are we under attack? We know but refuse to believe it

What made the free and fair a bloody affair?

With more continuous rounds, souls fall into the bottomless pit

Sadly, men are almost never faster than guns on air

True citizens laid to waste

The true leaders paid the sacrifice on this horrific altar

For these vipers have replaced our hope with their devices; they won

Our horrendous experience is now but a hashtag on Tinder

In this cruel experience, we’ve lost again, Nigeria forgone

Still, we hope

We’ve chosen to lay our lives in great sacrifice for we’re not done

If indeed, we anticipate this great change, we must stand as one

We commemorate the hecatomb of our forefathers combined with ours

The Nigeria we dream of isn’t so far away; it’s closer than we think; a few years

I still see Nigeria

It’s beautiful…

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  • This is really beautiful. I could picture your voice while reading this one.
    This is really brilliant. Weldon

  • Thank you so much, Prudence! I’m honored!

  • Настолько увлекательный обмен мнениями,
    что мигом отвлекся от моей игры в слоты!
    Но знаете, что еще интереснее? Попытаться
    поймать удачу за хвост в наших слотах.

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